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Key to Success

No description

Rachel Louhi

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Key to Success

The Necessities of Job Skills
Resume Writing (3 weeks)
Cover Letters and Thank-You Letters (1 week)
Interviewing (3 weeks)
Interview Questions (1 week)
Interview Dress Code (1 week)
Resume Writing
What is a resume and how is it used?
What information is included in a resume?
1. Contact information
2. Objective or professional summary
3. Education
4. Experience
5. Activities/Interests
Do's and don'ts

Resume Workshop
Interview Dress Code
Key to Success
Thank you!
Resume-writing should be a priority in job skills being that it is one of the most important components of a job search but...
What is the best way to teach the clients at Passages how to write an effective resume?

Study was done to determine the effect that resume-writing workshops have on resume-writing skills
Workshop components:
PowerPoint presentation
Class discussion
Work period


Students were able to prepare a better resume after the workshop compared to before
Most effective way to teach resume-writing skills:
Small groups
Interactional workshops
Strong career objective (vocational identity)
Cover Letters
Interview Questions
Discovering You Future Self...
How issue was identified
Thomas and Olivia
Personal Observation

Importance of issue...
Factors Impacting Implementation of Practice
Patient Population:
Staff at Passages
Intervention or Issue:
30 minute presentation on components of job skills program and follow-up educational DVD
Comparison group:
Knowledge and understanding of the staff prior to our presentation compared to after our presentation (determined by evaluation)
Staff will be able to identify effective ways to implement job skills from presented research
Staff will have a concrete learning program to utilize in job skills
Time Frame:
Length of presentation
Teaching Interview Skills
"Teach correct principles and
present a rationale for behavioral guidelines."

"Provide examples of appropriate and inappropriate skill performance. Analyze behavioral principles and reasons they work."

"Practice behavioral guidelines. Adapt principles to personal style. Receive feedback and assistance."

"Transfer classroom learning to real-life situations. Foster ongoing personal development."
Behavioral Questions
E (Example)
A (Action)
R (Results)
Ability to perform job
Who you are
Ability to fit in and benefit the company
20 Interview Questions
Let's apply it to Passages...
1. Teach interview basics (including rationale)
2. Show video of example interview and have clients identify what was done correctly and incorrectly (include suggestions of what could be done better)
3. Have clients pair up and practice doing an interview (have patients provide feedback after)
4. Attend mock interview session
Let's look at the facts...
(Wong & Silverman, 2007)
(Appleyard, Vivo, & Shannon, 2010)
Successful preparation for job interviews includes becoming familiar with questions that will most likely be asked
Students responded to 20 frequently asked interview traditional and behavioral questions specifically for
college students and recent graduates or...
established job seekers
Results of assignment:

"It allowed me to record stories that I could incorporate in the interview"
"...really helped you get in the mindset to answer behavioral interview questions."
"...made me think about questions I would have not expected."
"...helped me think of skills, experiences, etc., that I could use to answer a variety of interview questions."
(Hansen & Oliphant, 2009)
Staff will be able to identify effective ways to implement job skills from presented research

Staff will have a concrete learning program to utilize in job skills
Incorporate evidence based interventions into job skills program
Introduce clients to job skills using the informational DVD
Utilize worksheets that correspond with informational DVD
For Future Research
Other programs that could be implemented at Passages which would benefit client's recovery process
Evaluate impact of DVD
Bring in outside sources for attire, physical appearance, resume writing
Different ways spirituality program could incorporate non- religious beliefs

Technology barriers (i.e. number and quality of computers)
Money for resources
Client compliance and interest
Inability to retain sufficient amount of information in a short period of time
Appearance had the strongest relationship with interviewer ratings followed by impression management and verbal and nonverbal cues.
Purpose of study:
Investigate the magnitude of the relationship between appearance, impression management, and verbal and nonverbal behavior
(Barrick & Shaffer, 2009)
**Cover letters and resumes are important for getting an interview, however, it is the interviewing skills that can change an interview into a job offer**
Before the Interview
Research the organization and position
Prepare answers for questions you will probably be asked
Brainstorm things that you want the interviewer to know about yourself
Know details related to the interview
Have a few questions prepared to ask at the end of interview
During the interview
Non-verbal communication
Eye contact
Facial expressions

Verbal communication
Be yourself!
Respond to questions directly
Incorporate pauses
Ask questions
After the Interview
Thank you
Phone call
Interview Dress Code
Thank You Letters
Perspective employers and anyone who has assisted you in your job search
Basic courtesy
Helps you stand out against other perspective employees
** The average interviewer takes only 10 seconds to make a judgement about the interviewee**

Introduction to resume
Research the Organization
Personal qualities and examples
Specific skills and experiences
Thank You Letter
Appleyard, V., Vivo, M., & Shannon, L. (Eds.). (2010, December 7). Why Work Is an
Important Part of Long-Term Recovery. Addiction Treatment Magazine. Retrieved from <http:/www.addictiontreatmentmagazine.com/recovery/why-work-is-an-important-part-of-long-term-recovery/>.

Barrick, M., Shaffer, J., & DeGrassi, S. (2009). What You See May Not Be What You
Get: Relationships Among Self-Presentation Tactics and Ratings of Interview and Job Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 94, 1394-1411. Retrieved from EBSCO.

Communicate Your Best Image. Retrieved from http://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/job-

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Interviewing Skills. Business Communication Quarterly, 73, 291-305. Retrieved from EBSCO.

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Tillotson, K., & Osborn, D. (2011). Effect of a Resume-Writing Workshop on Resume-
Writing Skills. Journal of Employment Counseling, 49, 110-117. Retrieved from EBSCO.

Wong, C., & Silverman, K. (2007). Establishing and Maintaining Job Skills and
Professional Behaviors in Chronically Unemployed Drug Abusers, 42, 1127-1140. Retrieved from EBSCO,
(Kleiman & Benek-Rivera, 2010)
(Tillotson & Osborn, 2011)
Berkeley Law:

"Follow up is extremely important in the hiring process, and a well-done thank you letter can make the difference in getting the job" (Thank You Letters Following an Interview, 2013).
The Workforce Centers:

"Send thank you letters, notes or emails within 24 hours to each person with whom you interviewed."

"Saying thank you in your job search isn't only an effective job search strategy, it's the right thing to do."

(Communicate Your Best Image)

By Sabrina Weber and Rachel Louhi
Key Points:
Professional Appearance
Outfit Characteristics
Outfit Examples
General Guidelines
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