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The Painted Door

No description

Tilda Pettersson

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Painted Door

The main character is Ann

“Plenty to eat-plenty of wood to keep me
warm-what more could a woman ask for?”

“Pay no attention to me. Seven years a farmer´s life - it´s time I was used to staying alone”.

Her physical appearance

“Year after year their lives went on in the same little groove.”

This story is about a couple who lives on a farm in North Canada. They have a lot of issues in their relationship. A big storm is on the way to change everything...
The painted door

Human vs self
Human vs nature
Human vs human
John Walks, no car
Cold feelings in relationship
Ann paint the door
John come home
Broken and sad= John
John died...
Ann see him
Feels not good
See his hand
Main conflict
In this story the main conflict is the psychological

Human vs nature
The storm vs John...
The cold Climate vs John
When is the climax?
The beginning
“They found him the next day,less than a mile from home. Drifting with the
storm he had run against his own pasture fence and overcome had frozen there.”

1st Climax

2nd Climax
The Ending
Building up suspense to the climax.

Rising Action

How the author starts the story
How the author ends the story
“Straight across the hills it was five miles from John’s farm to his father’s. But in winter, with the roads impassable”

(Fint skrivet)
fint skrivet

“you'd wonder how he could have missed the buildings. It was the wind last night, coming every way at once. He shouldn't have tried.”

Human vs self
"She must control herself - be sane like Steven. For comfort she let her hand rest a while on Steven's shoulder. It would be easier were he awake
now, with her, sharing her guilt; but gradually as she watched his handsome face in the glimmering
light she came to understand that for him no guilt existed. Just as there had been no passion, no conflict." (page 12)
Human vs human
Conflict between John and Ann
Conflict between Ann and Steven
Physical Appearance
"Year after year their lives went on in the same little groove.”

What she thinks, dreams and feels
"It was something of life she wanted, not just a house and furniture; something of John. But John of course couldn´t understand.”
“Sometimes they did sleep late, sometimes they did play cards, but always uneasily, always reproached by the thought of more important things that might be done.”

“Sometimes she asked herself , why sit trying to talk with a man who never talk?”Why talk when there was nothing to talk about….”

What she does, does not
1. “You’re doing too much. Get a man to help you, just for a month.”

2. “You said yourself we could expect a storm. It isn’t right to leave me here alone. Surely I’m as important as your father.”

How Ann describes John and Steven
(flat characters)
1. Steven
“Boyish face with a peculiar kind of arrogance…he was tall, erect, and square shouldered. His hair was dark and trimmed, and his young lips curved soft and full”.

2. John
"I'll tell Steven to come early," he said,
as he went out. "

Page 2.
långt skrivet.
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