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Valentine's Card

No description

Danielle Lacasse

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Valentine's Card

Happy Valentine's Day! Dear Joel: I have some nice things to say to you/about you because I love you! And because I'm allowed to gush on Valentine's Day. I know having to read this sort of thing is probably an alarming prospect... Ready? ...but in all likelihood it will turn out to be a rather painless experience. On this day last year, we'd only been going out for a couple of weeks. I'm not even sure if I knew that your real first name was William yet. Now, after a year, there are some new names to add to the list, aren’t there? Tête de chouquette mon p'tit coucouille de chouquette The MechWarrior King Puffballs
(the Unendingly Chivalrous and Unwaveringly Courageous) (After variations on a cream puff theme I thought it important to include this last one!) Along with the nicknames that reflect the deepest fibers of your personality, I’ve discovered so many things about you that I love! I could never fit them into one prezi…and have you manage get all the way through it…so here is a brief sampling. (This is good for you, hang in there!) You make exquisite hot chocolates, campfires, and lofts when loftiness is the only thing that will do and no one else thinks it can be done. You wield your wenises with enviable power, skill, and precision. You politely give fair warning before sodomizing me on fire hydrants. You sweep me off my feet when I least expect it (literally, hem hem!)
and there's no one in the world who can push my laughter over the edge like you can! You give me second chances when I sink into snarky moods and you make me wonder gratefully how I ever got to be this lucky. Please forgive the following cheesiness. It's important! I'm not kidding: your kisses still give me butterflies and you make me feel like I'm glowing when I wake up in your arms. On our road trip you showed me the stars in a way I’d never seen them before, and countless times since then you’ve shown me what it feels like to be truly, radiantly happy. You are the sunshine of my heart. My one. Even when you look this this: And especially when you look like this: You are my very favorite person to go adventuring with. Love,

Your Danisaur At this time I'd like to mention three (of many) influencing factors related to me being head over heels for you: your puns and their brilliance your buns and their brilliance TUMMY TIIIIIME!! I admire you more than I'm able to say... because if I told you how I really feel you'd be so self-conscious your head would explode. :) You are so talented and you approach everything with an enthusiasm that makes me feel like anything's possible. You are-- honest to God-- an incredibly handsome man!

(Lucky lucky lucky me!) ERMERGERD! ER'M SER LERCKY!!!
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