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Twitter and globalization

No description

Meredith Perez

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Twitter and globalization

This is happening all around the world, where there is a wifi signal and people have access to twitter.
What impact does the hashtag "#" have on politics?
The hashtag has a big impact with globalization, many of the global problems have had a hashtag on twitter, where people can express how they feel about the actual problem or discussion, or even make fun of them.
Twitter and Globalization
"Many users view Twitter as the epitome of freedom of expression. It's not only played a crucial role in the way we've communicated for the last five and a half years, it's also been part of movements like Iran's Green Revolution and the Arab Spring." - PCMg
A new way to commmunicate

"#yosoy43" was a trending topic in Mexico when 43 students were missing and the government was suspicious about it. This rebelation, organizated its main meetings through twitter.
80% of world leaders are on twitter.
World Leaders

-Do you think that Twitter has impact in global culture?

-Do you think it is ok for global leaders to use Twitter?

-How do you think that Twitter helps with globalization?
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