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Science: Solar system

a strategy to help students learn the order of the planets

Angela Herrlinger

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Science: Solar system

The Solar System a science strategy presentation In a science lesson, a third grade teacher introduces the solar system by telling them it consists of eight planets (and a dwarf). Then, she asks them if they know the order of the planets. To the students who struggled remembering the planets' order, she introduces mnemonics to help guide these students. Content area: Solar system students with specific learning disabilities who has short-term memory problems:
Their working memory can be overloaded when presented with too much information.
They cannot remember a list of things, which challenges their overall view of a concept.
Mnemonics seem to help students with specific learning disabilities.
Our brains tend to remember things better when it has a memorable pattern (Richards,2008). Challenge: First initial mnemonics : cuts down on the amount of information a student needs to learn Strategy to help MVEMJSUNP First intials for the planets: My very easy method just speeds up naming planets (most relevant)
My very easy method just set up nine planets. (most relevant)
My very educated mother just showed us nine planets.
My very earnest mother just served us nine pickles. (most popular )
or My very educated mother just sent us nine pizzas. Sentences with the intitials: Students are given a visual to help them remember the order of the planets. This is helpful for visual and kinetics learners.
First, they are to place the fabric planets (from Lakeshore) on a black poster board in the order they are in the solar system.
The student who has difficulty remembering the order, the instructor will provide scaffold for this student. This is done by placing a post-it above the planet in question e.g. it is a blueish planet (Neptune).
Next, students will be given a worksheet to fill out after the visual exercise. Visual exercise for students with SLD: Mercury- closest to the sun
hot during the day and bitter cold during the night
Venus: second planet from the sun
usually the brightest object
covered with clouds of gases
Earth: third planet from the sun
has plants, animals, and people
mostly water
Jupiter-fifth planet from the sun
made up of gases
largest planet
great red spot Identifying planets and their characteristics Solar system worksheet notice there the word sun in the intitials Saturn: sixth planet from the sun
thousands of rings
has at least sixty moons
Uranus-seventh planet from the sun
has eleven rings
needs a telescope to see
Neptune- eighth planet from the sun
blueish color
has thirteen moons
needs a telescope to see
Pluto- a dwarf planet
unusual This strategy is helpful for auditory ,and visual, learners to learn the unique characteristics of each planet. Mastropieri, M. & Scruggs, T. (1998). Enhancing school success with mnemonic strategies.
(www. readingrockets.org/article/5192)
Richard, R. (2008). Making it stick: Memorable strategies to enhance learning.
(www.idonline.org/article/5602) References:
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