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Titanic vs. Romeo and Juliet

No description

Ruby Stafford

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Titanic vs. Romeo and Juliet

Titanic vs. Romeo and Juliet
- Romeo and Juliet were kept apart by their families. However, they were of the same social class and status. They believed that they could heal the hate between their parents through their romantic love.

- However, this kind of hate between families is not that common and not very relatable, especially since the reason for the feud is not given.
Class Difference
-Jack and Rose could not be together because they came from very different social classes. She would never be able to marry a lower-class man.
Juliet and Paris
-Paris is not that bad. He loved Juliet and cared about her.
Rose and Caledon
- Rose was to marry Caledon (Cal), who was aggressive and abusive.
Romeo Murders Tybalt
-Romeo kills Tybalt as an impulsive act of revenge. This is his decision and he is fully responsible.

-This makes Romeo and Juliet's happy ending less probable.

Jack framed for Theft
-Jack is framed by Cal for the theft of Rose's diamond necklace, which was given to her by Cal. He does this because he finds Jack's nude drawing of Rose. He is only partially responsible for this.

-This makes Rose and Jack's happy ending less probable.
- Romeo and Juliet's suicides occured because Romeo thought Juliet was dead. This is a misunderstanding that could have been prevented by some logical thinking on a few character's parts.
Unpreventable Death
-Jack was killed by the Titanic sinking, something that was unpreventable. He was third class and male, so he would have likely died if he was a real person on the Titanic.

-It is easy to be sad about Jack's death because so many people died in the same way during the sinking of the Titanic
Feuding Families
-Rose's family had lost their money so she had to marry a rich man.
Deaths Could Have Been Prevented
In Conclusion
Rose and Jack's situation was much more realistic and believable.
Romeo and Juliet
is a very dramatic stage play, but in movie format, the situation seems very ridiculous.
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