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Spend the weekend with Laurie Anderson

No description

Elizabeth Brando

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Spend the weekend with Laurie Anderson

Artist Talk at the Museum
Spend the Weekend with Laurie Anderson
NYSCA Special Arts Grant

The Process
Letters of Recommendation
The collaboration of three nonprofits
Performance by a living artist
The production of new art
Moderator Barbara Mink
Laurie Anderson
PRI artist-in-residence John Gurche
Cornell Professor and Nobel Laureate Dr. Roald Hoffmann
Regional Meetings
Regional Councils
Tompkins County
Ithaca Downtown Alliance
Ithaca Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Community Arts Partnership (a NYSCA regranting organization)
The three partners
Laurie's management team
Outcomes to Date
Over 1500 people
Build Audience
Promote Anniversary
Over 1,000,000 impressions

estimated 53% out of county
Thank You
Generate Tourism Revenue
Dirtday! performance
SOAG gallery show
The Project
September 23, 2013
"Theories of evolution and more"
Sunday, September 24, 2013
May 2014
More to Come!
Radio Show – Out of Bounds
Transcript of Artist Talk on YouTube and website
Goals of the Grant
approx $243,675
Full transcript