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Whitespace Launch


Dale Zak

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Whitespace Launch

W H I T E S P A C E whitespace.io whitespace (wahyt-speys) noun

space where rules are vague, authority is fuzzy, budgets are nonexistent and strategy is unclear

gaps in market where problems exist but solutions don't largely due to lack of revenue potential or organization structure Definition Our mission is to help bridge those gaps, by bringing together people with the skills and organizations with resources to provide solutions to solve those problems. Solution Problem Whitespace often occurs between groups in need, community with the skills and organizations with the resources. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Whitespace will contribute to open source communities deploying these tools when possible and in the process help make them better. Tools When existing tools are not available, Whitespace will assemble teams with the skills needed to build innovative applications. Applications Whitespace aims to empower disadvantaged groups taking a barefoot college approach teaching others to teach and to solve their own problems. Events The Pacific Institute Gregg Cochlan The Lighthouse Jordon Cooper
DeeAnn Mercier The BongoHive Gilbert Mwiinga Sherbrooke Community Centre Patricia Roe Lifetime Productions Katrina German Deezine Daren McLean Whitespace is unlike a traditional organization, it doesn't have hierarchical structure with CEO's and CTO's. Rather Whitespace is a community where any member has the freedom to champion an idea. Organization Unlike most companies which sell a product or service, Whitespace aims to partner with other nonprofits helping find funding and resources for collaborative projects. Partnerships Whitespace is different. It doesn't have offices or employees but rather just a small core group to help coordinate initiatives. Teams are assembled around a problem leveraging the skills of the members to find a solution together. Community "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead
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