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Four Approaches to Alternative Media

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Maddy Stephen

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Four Approaches to Alternative Media

Four Approaches to Alternative Media
Olga Bailey, Bart Cammaers & Nico Carpentier
1. Community media
2. Alternative media
3. Civil society media
4. Rhizomatic media

Four Approaches
Essentialist: identities are stable, independent and possess a 'true' essence
Relationist: incorporates notions of fluidity and contingency, and sees identities as mutually dependent
Approach 1: community media
Serving the community
Enable and facilitate access & participation
Access and participation: in media content and in the organisation
Approach 2: Alternative Media
Alternative/supplement to the mainstream
Independent of state and market
Non-dominant ideologies, representations and discourses
Hegemony, representation & media
Challenge: competition from the mainstream
Approach 3: Civil Society Media
Civil society: a space in which alternative conceptualisation of the political and economic system can develop
Operation of democracy through participation
Alternative media is a crucial 'part' of a civil society for the viability of democracy
Approach 4: Rhizomatic Media (1)
Role at the crossroads of civil society
Approach 4: Rhizomatic Media (2)
Supported by their part in a fluid civil society and their hostile relationship with the state and market
Highlights contingency and diversity
Makes it difficult for alternative media to be regulated and controlled
Approach 4: Rhizomatic Media (3)
Interconnections and linkages with market and state
How well does alternative media really fit the four approaches?
Conceptualisation of community
Community vs society
Traditional meaning: geography & ethnicity
Community redefined:
'community of interest'
'interpretative community'
'virtual community'
Summary: four approaches to alternative media
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