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The Great Ball Game

Adapted from "The Great Ball Game: A Muskogee Story" by Joseph Bruchac Illustrations by Susan L. Roth Instructional images found at Wikimedia Commons.

Thaddeus McCleary

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of The Great Ball Game

Animals had an argument. We are better than you! We have wings! We are better! We have teeth! We are better! They fought and fought... I am better! No! I have big teeth! wing I have pretty wings! Muskogee Once upon a time... We are better than you! mammal
or bird? look at my teeth! Look at my beak! Let's stop fighting. Would you like to
play a game? Ok! Sure! We are the bird team.
We have wings. We are the mammal team.
We have teeth. There was only one left. Which is my team? He had wings and teeth. I have teeth.
Would you like to
put me on your team? No. You have wings.
You are a bird. I have wings.
would you like to
put me on your team? No. You have teeth.
You are a mammal. I want to play.
Will you help me? Um...Okay.
Let us play first.
Play behind us. The mammals were fast. The birds were faster. Ha ha! ready......set..... go! Then, it was dark. The birds can not see. Bat can see. Bat went straight to the goal. The winner will choose a penalty. The mammals won the game. You were great! thank you, bat! What is our penalty? You must go away every winter. Every night "would you like to play?" Bat comes out to say They played all day.
The mammals were tired. I can not play today.
I'm sick. that's too bad. Ha ha! Ouch! We will win! Is
Bat a
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