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Matthew Luberto

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology

A wave of Technology Analog vs. Digital Analog Uses the medium to move the
information from one place to another. dIGITAL also known as the discrete-time signal. Transfomed into bits and then transmitted.
It is still a light wave, Over time we have converted to digital and it is now manditory Ota hd signal OVER THE AIR HIGH
DEFINITION SIGNAL Technology has been changing a lot over the years. MAny tellevision sets have channels that are in high definition. Hd is still light just at different wave lengths and frequencies. Five times the number of pixels than in sd Wi-Fi Internet Wireless data from a wireless router is turn into radio waves. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves. The radio waves are sent out. The messages are decoded and are sent to the internet. They are sent using a wirless ethernet adapter. Done by matthes Luberto and riley Mccarthy
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