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L7: Variations

No description

Audrey Ritter

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of L7: Variations

L7: Variations
What are variations?
Variations are differences
between organisms
(organisms in the same species).
Environmental variations are caused
by things in the environment:
- diet
- exercise / lifestyle
- culture
- climate (hot / cold)

Environmental Variations
Example of
Environmental Variation

Weight can increase or decrease based on a person's diet and exercise.
Diet can cause variations in the body, for example the color of these flamingos. If they eat more shrimp, they get more pink color in their feathers. When they digest a chemical in the shrimp it changes their color.
Example of
Genetic Variation:

Skin color
Example of
Genetic Variation:

Genetic Variations
Genetic variations are determined
by the genes passed on from
parents to their kids.

(textbook 3, page 60)
Example of
Environmental Variation:

Diet / Chemicals
Example of Genetic Variation:


1. free earlobes

2. attached earlobes
Continuous Variations
Continuous variations have a
range of how features change,
NOT only a few possible.

Look at some examples below...
In a grade 7 class of girls, height usually ranges from 130cm - 170 cm.

Girls could be 135cm, 142cm, 166cm, etc.

They could be any height in that range.
Weight can be over a big range of numbers.

Miss Audrey is...

Other women my height could be...
56 kg
75 kg
The weight for a given height can have a big range for the kilograms.
Example 60 to 90 kg.
Discontinuous Variations
Discontinuous variations are variations that have only a few (2 or 3 or 4) possible options for a feature, NOT a big range of options.
This Prezi is NOT FINISHED.

More will be added as we study more.

Please check back again tomorrow! :)
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