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Water systems

Science (:

christine marie

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Water systems

Water systems Water cycles evaporation condensation precipitation infiltration Watersheds a watershed is typically
defined as the area of land
where all the precipitation
drains to a common water body water distribution most of earths fresh
water is found in the
and its very unaccesssible The amount of water
in the atmosphere is
important to us b/c
it is the transport mechanism
to move water from place to place Water systems used Pur:
A small packet that treats up to 10 gallons
of water. but this is not as effective b/c it is
not very time efficient D: forward osmosis:
This system leaves a salt solution
which is not good for us to drink
and can be quite dangerous for our
bodies. Also expensive (N) Carbon nanotubes:
This water treatment is quite
easy to understand and use, so this
one is good. It's safe. And cleans water
but leaves a salty substance Biomimetics:
This water system is quite
alike to the C.N and F.O. water restoration is not
officially an actual water
treatment yet but it basically
can restore any water that has
been damaged. EFFECTIVE Bodies of water oceans: An ocean is a large
body of water that
is made up of salt water
and is usually located in warmer
climated places currents: A current is basically
a small river within
an ocean Rivers: A river is a smaller body
of water that does not
contain salt water nor
freshwater Weather&Climate Climate is the average
weather condition in
an area determined over
a certain time period weather is what the
current forecast or air
movement is at a certain
time of day or year TEMPERATURE Temperature is different in
certain area's around the world
because the water currents in oceans
come up off the water and have the
effect of changing the air flow Also; in some parts of the
world there is a certain time
change which means it will be
daytime in Canada and Nightime in
Australia . ect: The process: Water is cleaned by the water
treatments below. For each one;
you have to filter it, and stir it, and let it sit
.In order to make it perfectly clean, you're
best bet is to use a water TREATMENT PLANT
in the winter Water freezes
[which takes a long time] , but
after winter ends, the sun starts
to shine brightly and the ice
SLOWLY begins to melt, which takes
even longer. ice Water: After ice melts; it becomes
a liquid also known as
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