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Jeffery Dahmer

A serial killer and cannibal.

Laura Flach

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Jeffery Dahmer

The Army Jeffrey Dahmer Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960 the first child of Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Jeffrey was a happy child. Jeffrey showed interest in dissection
and roadkill early on in life.With his dad being a scientist it seemed normal for Jeffrey to be curious. At age 14 the thoughts of killing
then having intercourse with a
corpse started arising in Jeffrey's head First victim: Steven Hicks
After graduating HS 1978
Parents divorce leaving Jeff alone
Hitchhiker At age 6 his behavior changed from happy to blank and emotionless because of a minor surgery and the birth of his baby brother. Moving to Ohio around the same time didn't help Jeffrey's behaviors. Jeffrey joined in 1978 after dropping
out of college While in the army he remained a loner and continued drinking heavily, but did not kill any one while serving. Arrested in 1981 for disorderly conduct. Moved to Wisconsin to live with his Grandma. Arrested again in 1986 for being inappropriate in front of two children. Second Victim: Steven Toumi
In 1987
Suitcase Jeffrey's Murderous Pattern:
Gay bars
African American
Drugged alcohol
Perform necrophiliac acts
Trophies Victims:
(Jan 16, 1988) James Doxtator - 14 yrs
(March 24, 1988) Richard Guerrero - 23
(March 25, 1989) Anthony Sears - 26
(May 20, 1990) Raymond Smith - 33
(May 24, 1990) Eddie Smith - 27
(Sept 1990) *Ernest Miller* - 22
(Sept 24, 1990) David Thomas - 23
(Feb 18, 1991) Curtis Straughter - 19
(April 7, 1991) Errol Linsey - 19
(May 24, 1991) Tony Hughs - 31
(May 27, 1991) Konerak Sinthasomphone - 14
(June 30, 1991) Matt Turner - 20
(July 7, 1991) Jeremiah Weinberger - 23
(July 15, 1991) Oliver Lacy - 23
(July 19, 1991) Joseph Bradehoft - 25 Jeffery's Grandma made him move out in
May 1990 after his many loud nights and run-ins with the law. His new apartment would be the place of many horrendous acts and murders. On July 22, 1991 Tracy Edwards ran to the police. He had escaped Jeffrey. He told the police that Jeffrey had drugged him and tried to kill him. The police went to talk to Dahmer and they discovered much more. Jeffrey received 957 years in prison since there was no death penalty in Ohio. While in prison he was murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994.
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