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The Duff

No description

Ana Mancilla

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of The Duff

"When I got home that afternoon, I was too exhausted to climb the stairs, so I collapsed on the couch and fell into a nice doze. I'd forgotten how good it felt to take a nap in the middle of the day." (Keplinger 258)
Similarities/ Differences:
Main Characters:

Wesley calls Bianca the duff in both the book and the movie
Most of the main characters in both the book and the movie have the same names
Jessica and Casey are both pretty in the book and the movie
Bianca likes Toby in both the book and the movie
Bianca is a good student in both the book and the movie
Toby is nice in the book but rude in the movie.
Toby wears glasses in the book and not in the movie.
Wesley doesn't date in the book but in the movie he does.
The book is more "mature" than the movie.
The ending is different in the book than in the movie.
Bianca has dark hair in the movie and dirty blond hair in the book.
Bianca Piper: (Protagonist)
She's a smart, loud, unfriendly (to most people), bad at lying, straight-a-student, who doesn't care what others think of her.
Wesley Rush: (Also a Protagonist)
He's a muscular, athletic, tall, "attractive" jock, who's parents are almost always gone (in the book), and who's sister lives with her grandma (also in the book). He doesn't like to date (in the book), and prefers you know what, but in the movie he dates a rude, selfish girl named Madison.
Author: Kody Keplinger
Summary/ Definition:
More Characters:
Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Book Summary: Seventeen-Year-Old Bianca Piper may not be the prettiest girl in her high school, but she has a loyal group of friends. She's a straight-a student, and hates Wesley Rush. After so much going on, she needs something to escape the stress and anger. She ends up kissing Wesley, but the bad part is that she likes it. It turns out Wesley isn't such a bad listener, and his life is pretty screwed up, too. Suddenly, Bianca realizes with absolute horror that she's falling for the guy she thought she hated more than anyone. (Keplinger (Back of the book))

Movie Summary: High-school senior Bianca has a rude awakening when she learns that her classmates secretly know her as the DUFF -designated ugly fat friend- to her prettier and more popular friends. Desperate to reinvent herself, Bianca enlists the aid of Wesley, a charming jock. In order to save her senior year from becoming a complete disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow a judgmental student and revolutionize the school's social order. (Film Synopsis)
Jessica: She's a nice, tall, blond who's best friends with Bianca and Casey. Lot's of guys like her, but she like a guy who doesn't like girls... (in the book). In the movie, she's a fashion designer.
Casey: She's a pretty, dark-haired girl who's best friends with Bianca and Jessica. In the book, she's been best friends with Bianca since around first grade, but in the movie, she's a rough, soccer player/ hacker.
(In the book only) Jake: Jessica's brother, who was Bianca's first boyfriend, and who broke her heart.
Toby: He's a smart, caring, gentleman who is also valedictorian, that Bianca has been in "like" with since freshman year (in the book). (In the movie:)He's a guitar-playing, "handsome",guy with longish hair, who breaks Bianca's heart in the the end of the movie.
Bianca's mom (Dottie Piper): (Antagonist) (In the movie:), gets in a divorce with her ex husband. She ends up being depressed, and later on becomes a speaker for all people going through the same thing. (In the book:), she likes to travel, and is a speaker who talks about self-confidence. She later on asks for a divorce.
Bianca's dad: (Also Antagonist) (In the movie:) He asks his Bianca's mom for a divorce. (In the book:) Bianca's mom asks him for a divorce, making him depressed, and also making him drink again.
Madison: (In the movie only), she is a tall, rude, selfish, redhead that dates Wesley and cyberbullies Bianca. She also thinks that what she does now will make her a famous celebrity in the future.
The Duff
Jessica, Casey, and Bianca
"For once, I might actually have fun on a Friday night. So I reached for the volume on my stereo and said 'A week from Friday, its a date.'" (Keplinger, 45)
Another Quote
My Rating:
Honestly, I liked the movie more than the book, although the movie did have some inappropriate scenes. This is because the book had a lot of you know what, and it was more adult-like, than high school-like.
What I did like about the book, was that there wasn't as much conflict between the characters. Due to that, these are my ratings:
Google images
I would recommend this book you like romance.
I would recommend this movie if you like high school movies like "Mean Girls".
About the Author:
Kody Keplinger was born and raised in small town western Kentucky, where she began her writing career after penning the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, The DUFF, at age seventeen. The DUFF, now a major motion picture, was chosen as an YALSA Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers and a Romantic Times Top Pick. Kody has since written other books for both young adult and middle grade readers. When she isn't writing, Kody is posting about fashion and body positivity on her Instagram, chatting about her favorite TV shows on Twitter, or making videos for her YouTube account. Kody is also the co-founder of Disability in KidLit and a teacher at the Gotham Writers Workshops in NYC.
Setting (In the Novel):
Bianca's house where her and her dad live. (Keplinger 11)
Wesley's "almost-mansion" where Wesley lives alone (because his parents are always gone, and his sister lives with his grandma) (Keplinger 62-63)
The Nest (a safe night club for teenagers) (Keplinger 1-2)
Casey's house (Keplinger 31)
Setting(In the Movie):
Bianca's house where her and her mom live (because her dad divorced)
Wesley's house ( next to Bianca's house)
High School
Somebodies house (party)
The theme of the novel and the movie, is to not run away from your problems. (Throu- ghout the book)
Conflict (Movie):
The conflict of the movie, is that due to the fact that she's "The Duff", people treat her as if she were lower than the others. She solves this by asking Wesley for help. She later decides that she doesn't care what the others think of her.
Conflict (Novel):
The conflict of the novel is that Bianca has many problems at home with her dad as an alcoholic due to her moms divorce, the fact that she's the duff, and etc. She wants to escape all of this, so she starts sleeping with Wesley. She feels this is the only way to escape her problems. Later on, she decided to face the problems she is given, and later on, ends up happy with who she thought she hated more than anyone; Wesley.
Keplinger 6)
Keplinger 1-2 & 9)
Keplinger 18-19)
Keplinger 15)
(Keplinger 19 & 266-273)
(Keplinger 19)
(Keplinger 5)
(Kody Keplinger The DUFF)
(Keplinger 8-9)
(Keplinger 247- End)
My Favorite Quote:
Since you keep running away from me at school, and, if I remember correctly, the sound of my voice causes you to have suicidal thoughts, I decided a letter might be the best way to tell you how I feel. Just hear me out.
I'm not going to deny that you were right.
Everything you said the other day was true. But my fear of being alone is not the reason I'm pursuing you. Iknow how cynical you are, and you're probably going to come up with some snarky reply when you read this, but the truth is, I'm chasing you because I really think I am falling in love with you.
You are the first girl who has ever seen right through me. You're the only girl who has ever
called me on my "(you know what)". You put me in place, but at the same time, you understand me more better than anyone ever has. You are the only person brave enough to criticize me. Maybe the only person who looks close enough to find my faults-and clearly you have found many.
I called my parents. They are coming home this weekend to talk to Amy and me. I was
afraid to do this at first, but you inspired me. Without you, I never could have done that.
I think about you much more than any self-respecting man would like to admit, and I'm
insanely jealous of Tucker- something I never thought I'd say. Moving on aftr you is impossible. No other girl can keep me on my toes the way you can. No one makes me want to embarrass myself by writing sappy letters like this one.
Only you.
But I know that I'm right, too. I know you're in love with me, even if you're dating Tucker. You can lie to yourself if you want, but reality is going to catch up with you. I'll be waiting when it does...whether you like it or not.
(Keplinger 247-248)
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