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Filing System

No description

Preawllrmwp Cmt

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Filing System

Filing System By Group 3 How to create a folder
How to named a file
How to search the file 3.1 Looking by yourself 1.How to create a folder 2.How to name the files Computer Storage Security
File integrity
Storage savings
Duplication and distribution
Retrieval Types of films used with micrographics Diazo Film

Silver-Gelatin Film

Roll Film Filing System Computer Storage 3.How to search a file. Paper files Introduction Filing system is an abstraction to store, retrieve and update a set of files.
Essential of a filing system
Be protected
Low cost
Advantages of filing system
blah blah Components Paper files
Computer Storage Tips Use abbreviations.
Use common names.
Organize files by dates. Use thumnails Use Tiles and Icon view Use List View 3.2 Using a search program For Window XP For Window Vista and Window 7 Microfilms Micrographics is a series of activities which record reduced images of documents, called micro-images. Micrographic processes Definations Source document microfilm systems
Computer-Output-Microfilm, or COM systems Benefits of Microfilms Unitized Microfilm

-Jackets What records should be in microfilmed? Long-term records
Closed inactive records
Large quantity data
Full text data Cost/Benefit Factors Microfilm storage Short and medium-term
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