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Delicious.com -- Final Presentation

A final presentation for CAS 283, on social bookmarking website delicious.com and the implications of its centralized structure

Dave Hart

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Delicious.com -- Final Presentation

- a tasteful guide to the
implications of social bookmarking What is delicious? delicious.com is a social bookmarking website - a place where bookmarks can be saved, categorized, and accessed from anywhere on the Internet. The social aspect comes from the interconnected nature of the site. Any bookmark not marked "private" can be viewed by anyone browsing the site. Your bookmarks will appear in lists based upon the tags
you assign them, as well as the descriptions you give them. Who can use delicious? Anyone with an account can start tagging and saving bookmarks. Bookmarks not marked private can then be viewed by anyone searching the site, account or not. TIP: delicious.com is owned by Yahoo!, which means that anyone with a Yahoo! Account can use it for Delicious. This has been the case since 2006, making founder Joshua Schachter a fairly wealthy man. How does one use delicious? Use is simple - after signing up for an account,
you can start saving URLs to the site and writing tags and descriptions to organize them. Disadvantages of Delicious The disadvantages of delicious are best seen through the lenses of two major issues: The Threat to Personal Privacy posed by Large Databases and Computer Networks:
Your bookmarks are still a way for anyone to see exactly what you like on the Internet – including political sites and sites which may be less than savory The Dangers of Dependence on Complex Technology:
It's pretty damn easy to become pretty dependent on the features of Delicious
Tip: It's much easier to make Delicious bookmarks with a browser add-on like mine.
(As seen in professional diagram) Advantages of Delicious Convenience: Able to keep access and keep track of bookmarks from any computer, public included
Fun and Interesting: You can find cool new websites by searching for interest-related tags or looking at top websites

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