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Prezi user guide

No description

Petra Martonova

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Prezi user guide

How to use Prezi
By Petra Martonova Prezi User Guide How to Register and Log in on Prezi.com Tools Inserting a Video 1.To register on Prezi click the button in the top right hand corner it is a blue button which has a white writing on it that says ‘Sign up’.
2.Once you click on this button a web page appears with the prices of prezi, choose one and fill in your personal details and tick the agree policy button then click ‘sign up’.
3.This should automatically log you into prezi.
4.Logging into prezi is easy once you are registered, simply click 'Log in' button.
5.Type your user name and password in and get started using Prezi.com. How to make your own Prezi 1.When you log into prezi it comes up with a home page. On your home page you have got tabs on the top of the page, which are; Your Prezis/Learn/Explore/ If you click on ‘Your Prezis’ a web page comes up where you the click on ‘+new prezi’ button
2.a table appears with a title ‘Create a new Prezi’ on that table you will fill in the ‘title’ and ‘description’ of your Prezi Presentation. This is so that it is easier to find your Prezi by its topic. Once you have done that you press ‘create Prezi’.
3.You then choose your template you want to use in your presentation
4.Select one you like the most and click the bottom ‘Choose’ which is on the bottom of right side of the table and get started! Adding new frames; To add frames you simply click on the ‘Add frames column’ on the top of your page. By clicking this button you can choose your own frame shape or create layouts.
Inserting Images; 1.To insert an image on Prezi click on the button which says ‘ images’ and is on the top of the page marked with a green square and a tree inside it.
2.When you click on this button you can either choose your photograph or image from your file or even Google image search.
Shapes; To add shapes click the ‘shapes’ button which is on the top of the page, by clicking on this you can choose your shape as well as add Symbols. On top of the page click on 'Media'. You can either add your YouTube or any other video from your file or of the actual website. If you choose to insert the video from your file simply click the 'From File' tab and choose your video.
Adding your video from YouTube click 'From YouTube' A table appears which asks you to paste your YouTube.
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