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A Legally Blonde Journey

No description

Bobbi Wheaton

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of A Legally Blonde Journey

The Journey
Call to Adventure
Elle thinks that her boyfriend, Warner, is going to propose to her. Instead, he breaks up with her because he is leaving for Harvard. He tells her, "If i'm going to be a senator, well I need to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn." He means that he needs to make himself look better by being with someone serious, not someone fun, which is all that he thinks Elle is.
Supernatural Aid
When Elle's friends finally get her to go out and get on with her life. While out she finds her first aid in the form of a magazine article. She sees Warner's brother with his fiance, who is a law student. She realizes then that in order to get Warner back, she has to become that kind of girl and go to law school. Her second aid comes from her guidance counselor, who tells her to go for it, and gives her all the information that she needs to get started.
Crossing the first Threshold
Elle steps away from the college life that she has known and starts study hard for her LSAT exam, as well as making her admission video. (With a flare that only Elle could have) She starts moving toward being the serious student that she believes Warner wants to be with.
The Call
The Journey
The Return
Who are the Archetypes?
The Child
The Hero
The Mentor/Guide
The Devil
The Goddess
The Death
and Rebirth
The Two Worlds
Belly Of the Whale
Road of Trials
Meeting with the Goddess
Woman as Temptress
Atonement of the Father
The Ultimate Boon
Refusal of the
The Magic Flight
Rescue from Without
Crossing the Return
Master of the two Worlds
Freedom to Live
Elle Woods is the child in the beginning of this story. She thinks her life is all planned out around fashion, haircare, parties, her friends and her boyfriend
Elle is also our
hero in the story.
The mentor in this story is Emmett
This story has 3 Devils
Prof. Callahan
Elle goes through this process
when she realizes what she is really capable of doing
The call in this movie is when Elle decides to go to Harvard law school to get get boyfriend back.
Later, she has another call of winning an important court case.
Elle thinks that now that she isn't engaged as she planned, that her life and plans have been destroyed. She goes into a depression, refusing to look at other options for her life.
Refusal of the Call
Elle passes her LSAT's and gets accepted into Harvard law. She moves across the country, and into the belly of the whale. She steps into a new school and a new life. She meets more and more of her monsters at every turn, and realizes how different she is from the other students.
Elle has to go through a number of trial in order to prove, both to others and herself, that she belongs in law school and with Warner.
Elle gets asked to leave her first class for not being prepared. She makes a bad first impression with her professor, and with her class. This is also where she meets another of the stories devils, Vivian. After leaving the class, she meets her mentor, Emmett. He gives her advice to help her out her classes and they make an immediate connection. After this she decides to buy herself a computer and really study and do well in class.
As Elle is headed to her first class she runs across Warner, who thinks she is there to see him. Following this is one of my favorite lines in the movie:
Warner: "You got into Harvard law?"
Elle: What, like it's hard?"
Elle learns that Warner is engaged to Vivian, who is doing whatever she can to make Elle feel unwelcome. She responds during class with the answer to a question, which is really a comment towards Vivian.
"I pick the dangerous one, cause I'm not afraid of a challenge."
Elle is invited to a party, but tricked into thinking that is a costume party. When she arrives and finds no one else in costume, she overcomes the trick and embarrassment by going with it as if it doesn't bother her. She let everyone know that she was her own person and secure with herself.
Elle overcomes almost everyone thinking she is a joke, and gets one of the positions on a real court case that her professor is working on.
He is a lawyer who works doing research for Professor Callahan
After becoming upset, Elle goes to a nail salon. This is where she meets Paulette, who works there. They begin talking, and Paulette helps give Elle perspective. She becomes a friend who doesn't judge, and Elle helps her in return.
In this case, the temptress is a man. Professor Callahan tries to hit on Elle, making her believe that she didn't really earn or deserve her accomplishments. She is ready to quit and leave Harvard all together.
After winning the court case and showing what she was capable of, Warner wants Elle back. This is where she has the opportunity to confront who originally held the power in her life. She tells him, "If I'm going to be a partner in a law firm by the time I'm thirty, I need a boyfriend who's not a complete bonehead." This goes back to what he told her when he broke up with her in the beginning of the movie.
Elle finds her bliss after she wins the court case on her own. She proves that she really is smart enough to be a lawyer, and does it while being herself. Unsure Elle dies, and confident Elle is born.
Elle achieved her original boon of Warner wanting her back. However, through the movie she found another boon she wanted. To win the case, prove herself, and make sure her innocent "sister" goes free. She achieved all of this.
Elle has no reason to go back to her old life. She has found the path she is supposed to be on.
After winning her case, she leaves a place of honor and returns to school to finish her education.
After saying that she is going to leave, she goes to the salon to say goodbye to her friends. Professor Cromwell, who is the one who kicked her out of class the first day, happened to be there. She pulled Elle back with one very memorable comment.
Elle crossed the return threshold when she graduated from law school and presented her speech. She showed everyone that it doesn't matter who you are, you can achieve anything if your heart is really in it.
Elle shows how she is the master of both worlds when she marches into the courtroom, head held high, dressed all in pink, and ready to show her skills as a lawyer. She also shows this when she uses the information she learned in her old world, to win the casein her new world. If she hadn't know about haircare, the case may not have turned out the way it did, and an innocent person may have gone to jail.
This is shown in the last scene of the movie, when Elle has just graduated and is standing there, in front of everyone, smiling and loving where her life is at that very moment.
Elle's old word is at her original school, where she was getting her degree in fashion. She was the life of the party, a sorority sister, and lived for her friends and boyfriend.
Elle's new world is the world of law, She still keeps the parts of herself that matter, but here she is also a serious student. She cares about more than what is on the surface of a person. She has new friends and a new mature relationship with Emmett.
Elle goes to Harvard, goes through the trials of making new friends, becoming a serious student, and gaining respect. She also goes through a court case to help a friend.
Elle realizes she doesn't need Warner in her life, wins her court case, finishes law school, and in the end, has a great new life with Emmett, who we learn in the last scene will be proposing. This brings us full circle to what she wanted in the beginning of the movie.
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