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1980's Fashion!

No description

Jazmyn Glenn

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of 1980's Fashion!

Madonna's Style His cool style attracted many people especially his fans with the leather beaded or studded jacket and his curly hair. Expressing
Individuality Celebrities
Movie and music industry
Influences from other decades
Younger Generation Her look was very famous in the 1980's. Many ladies and teenage girls cloned her style. Her fashionable look concluded wearing mini skirts, long or huge earrings, and clothes that were laced as well as multiple accessories. She influenced wearing fingerless gloves. Madonna Michael Jackson The 1980's Fashion Why the 80's dressed the way they dressed 5 factors that contributed... Madonna Singer : Singer : King of Pop Trends from the 1980's for women Clothes Neon clothes
Shoulder pads
Huge Earrings
Hair coloring
& Many More Most people didn't like the bold crazy look but got use to it after awhile. What Men Wore/ Trends Members Only Jacket
Jeans/Ripped Jeans
Reebok pumps
Wayfarer Sunglasses
Hammer or parachute Pants Miniskirts Reebok Pumps Vanilla Ice He made the slits in the eyebrows famous. He is a rapper who made the song "Ice Ice Baby". The End!
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