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What is Puberty

No description

Jesse Dykes

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of What is Puberty

What does it mean for me?

Changes that occur to both male and female
Hair growth in the face, armpits, body, arm, back, leg and in the pubic region
Acne appears on the skin around the face and back area but can appear in other places on your body as well.
The body shape changes as well as the facial structure.
The muscles develop.
During Puberty, you might experience these emotional changes:
Having mood swings.
Being more self-conscious about your body.
Having stronger feelings.
Starting to be attracted towards the opposite sex.
More anxiety than before puberty started.
May be more withdrawn from parents than before puberty started.
Unfamiliar feelings may be experienced.

An illustration of mood swings
Changes in the Girl
Physical Changes In The Boy
A boy will experience many changes in his body during puberty. Some of these changes may include:
Social changes that occur during puberty
Emotional changes that occur to both male and female
Hair growth in the face, armpits, back, body, arm, leg, and in the pubic region.
Erections occur. This is when the penis becomes hard because of sexual excitement or stimulation.
The shoulders become broader.
Acne appears. This could be warts or pimples.
The voice deepens.
The testes grow.
The shape of the face changes
Puberty is where you progress into the stages of adolescence. During this progress you experience physical and mental changes throughout your body.
In this presentation we will isolate and analyze different changes that occur
What is Puberty?
Girls usually start going through puberty around the age of 11 but can start around early as 6 or 7.
The hips widen getting ready to support children.
Breasts start to develop.
The body also becomes curvier
Hair growth in the Face, Armpits, Body, Arm and Leg, and in the Pubic region.
Muscles develop but do not show up as much as boys.
Periods begin.

Physical Changes That Occur During Puberty
Many changes can occur to your social life during puberty. Some examples may include:
Friends developing different interests
Seeking independence
Seeking responsibility
Influenced more by friends
Exploring "sexual identity"
Searching for an identity.
Chart of when physical changes happen during puberty
A girl will experience many changes in her body during puberty. Some of these changes may include:
Illustration showing where hair grows during puberty
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Puberty is an exciting time for both boys and girls, as they turn into men and women. There are many physical and mental changes that occur during this time to both genders.
By Emerson Phillips
and Jesse Dykes

7PD2 - Mr A Separovich
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