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Pros and Cons Blended Learning

No description

Elizabeth Brand

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons Blended Learning

Pros and Cons Blended Learning Why could it be good? Cons Pros Teachers Why is there hesitation? Students Teachers •Students can learn at their own pace depending on
the activity.

•Content can be differentiated to meet the needs of the individual with interactivity, visual cues, focusing, etc.

•Students get experience using a variety of 21st-century tools, including maneuvering online information for learning.

•Structured learning can continue outside of the school day or year.

Students are given great accountability. Students Breaking the barriers
of the four classroom walls?

Expanding interactivity? In some ways planning and organization is simplified with online content.
There is source material at your fingertips
It allows teachers to collect data and see how their students are progressing in real-time. One size fits all device?
Are there proven benefits?

Some types of blended learning works best for self-motivated students.

•Students might not get as much face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers.

•In many cases, it works under the assumption that students have access to technology at home or the same knowledge of technology as well.
•Some argue that blended learning downplays the role of the teacher.

•Teachers transitioning to a blended learning environment need professional development on how to successfully facilitate such a course.

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