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No description

gracie fulks

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Author.

Salary per year in Ky: You could get payed thousands-millions, it depends if your getting paid in advance or royalties
Famous Authors
There are so many famous authors but to list a few:
There is no 'required' education for becoming an author. But I would at least get a high school education. And major in creative writing/ journalism in college.
Colleges where you can major in creative writing.
Adams State University IN Alamosa, CO
Technology used:
Technology used in the book writing process is paper, pen, dictionary, computer/laptop, sometimes phone.
What a/an author does
An author's main job is to write fiction/ non-fiction books. There are so many authors out there that make a LOT of money by just writing simple 1-3000 page books with characters, plots, settings, dialogue, and well the general story.
Stephen King- fifty-five novels published and has written nearly 200 short stories!
Lauren Kate-eight books written. ALL of them being bestsellers.
Ali Novak- Wrote her 1st book on a popular website called "Wattpad" when she was 15! She got over 2 million hits on wattpad. she had her book published 2 years later. which later it became a bestseller
Asbury University in Wilmore, KY.
NYU creative writing program, in New York, NY.
Salary per year in America-You could get payed thousands-millions, it depends if your getting paid in advance or royalties
In this prezi you will learn about the works of an author, the technology used, colleges available, famous authors and even a website that inspired me to be an author.
Wattpad is a writing community where people who may not be 'published' authors can write stories, articles, poems, etc.
Ali Novak wrote her book on wattpad and got over 2 MILLION hits. Thats a great accomplishment.
must date the playboy trailer
my life with the Walter boys
both stories on wattpad
Done by: Gracie Fulks
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