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Freudian Analysis of The Metamorphosis

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Kimberly Jester

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Freudian Analysis of The Metamorphosis

Freudian Analysis of The Metamorphosis
Who is Sigmund Freud?
Austrian neurologist
Founding father of psychoanalysis
Medical doctor
Developed many theories concerning the human mind
Interaction of the Three Parts of Mind
Id - "animal impulse center"
Id includes instinctive and primitive behaviors
Transformation into an insect was a subconscious, primal urge felt by Gregor
Gregor felt worthless to his family and unimportant to the world
He repressed these feelings to the Id
"...what had really lured him there: it was the smell of something to eat" (25).
Ego - Thinking and Reasoning
Ego is oriented towards perceptions in the real world, reasons, and sanity
Gregor's father is an example of ego
Ego is the reason the father locks Gregor in a room instead of the natural Id response of killing Gregor in reaction to his transformation
The father takes on a real job to provide for the family

Id - "animal impulse center"
Ego - thinking and reasoning
Superego - "moral guardian"
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