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Legazpi, Albay

Your Adventure City

Serine Yuki

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Legazpi, Albay

Your Adventure City Legazpi, Albay The Black Sand Beaches of Albay The City of Legazpi is the capital of the Province of Albay and the administrative center of the Bicol Region. Embarcadero redeems the glory days of the Legazpi City port district, which was once the region’s melting pot of economic activity as Spanish trading galleons used to dock in it.
Today, it is opening doors for new investments –bringing in stores and brands that never found its way to this small coastal city.
Embarcadero de Legazpi is a premier waterfront development in the Legazpi City harbor that is emerging as a world-class lifestyle hub both for tourists and the locals.
It has become Bicol region’s premier urban mall and shopping center that gives you an array of lifestyle options –whether for dining, shopping, or entertainment.
More than venues for dining, shopping, and entertainment, Embarcadero is home to one-of-a-kind adventures like water sports.
It is not your typical mall as partygoers can enjoy parasailing, Jet Ski, paddle boat, water jeep, and even helicopter rides for a panoramic view of Mayon Volcano and the cityscape.
Embarcadero de Legazpi. It’s where new and exciting breakthroughs happen. Embarcadero The 156-meter high Ligñon Hill has always been one of Legazpi’s most famous landmarks.
For years, Ligñon Hill is known only for the PHIVOLCS observatory located in its flanks and an old lighthouse on its summit.
Today, it has become one of the city’s prime destinations for sightseers, adventurers and even fitness buffs.
The new Ligñon Hill Natural Park promises to be the city’s best destination offering sights and activities for all types of visitors.
For sightseers, a panoramic 360 degree view of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf and the Mayon Volcano awaits at the viewdeck.
A landscaped promenade as well as restaurants and shops also cater to guests. Lignon Hill Adventure Park Today, the site of Cagsawa Ruins is now a park managed by the municipal government of Daraga.
It is actually the most visited tourist spot in town.
Visitors can enjoy the classic postcard view of the Mayon Volcano with the Cagsawa belfry in front.
Aside from the ruined belfry and the huge volcanic boulders around the area, visitors can also find several souvenir shops offering a colorful assortment of native products such as handbags, mats, shirts and handicrafts made from indigenous materials like abaca.
Exotic flowers and orchids are also on sale. Cagsawa Ruins The Legazpi Boulevard is a coastal road network extending from the city’s central business district and port area to the southern barangays, an area deemed as a new frontier of development.
The boulevard is one of the most picturesque seaside roads in the Philippines, with a spectacular view of the Mayon Volcano and the Kapuntukan hill to the north.
The boulevard has also become a favorite recreation area for the city due to its fresh see breeze and excellent view.
In the mornings, many Legazpeños troop to the boulevard to jog, run, bike and do exercises.
At night, colorful streetlights make the boulevard a sight to behold. Legazpi Boulevard Recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most competitive cities in the Philippines, Legazpi is also an economic, educational, transportation and service center of the region. The city is nicknamed the ‘Gateway to the Bicol Region’ because of its accessibility and complete land, air, rail, and sea transportation facilities. Legazpi is renowned worldwide for its beautiful natural scenery dominated by Mount Mayon. Brief History Taking advantage of its natural wonders, Legazpi has positioned itself as an adventure destination and fitness city. Mayon Volcano and Town of Legaspi Legazpi was named after
Miguel López de Legazpi, the
Spanish conquistador who
conquered the Philippine islands
in 1565, and whose family name
came from Legazpi, a town
in Guipuzcoa, Spain. The place was founded
by the ancient settlers of the
old barangay of Sawangan
in the domain of Gat Ibal,
a chief who ruled Albay. Industry Primary Products: Rice and Root Crops Secondary Products: Coconut Exported Products:
Coconut Oil,
Copra Cake, Perlite,
Artificial Hair (Wig),
Abaca Products Major Industries:
and Mining Tourist Destinations The Philippines is rich in beaches with sands of varying shades: from blinding white to warm and golden.
But jet-black sand beaches are very rare.
The province of Albay, because of its volcanic origins, is home to beaches with distinct black sands of the deepest ebony color.
The black sand is a product of millions of years of natural erosion that pulverized the mighty volcanic rocks into fine-textured sands.
Albay’s black sand beaches stretch across the province’s eastern seafront with the best ones found in the towns of Bacacay, Tiwi, Sto. Domingo, and the city of Legazpi. Bacacay Sto. Domingo Tiwi Daraga Church Cathedral of St. Gregory the Great Visita Iglesia Penaranda Park Peñaranda Park has also become a center for recreation and dining with a row of restaurants and bars just a short hop away at the ground floor of the Albay Capitol Annex.
Fastfood joints and some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes along the busy Rizal Street are also just a few hundred meters away.
Visitors and promenaders can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the park and have easy access to these recreation and dining facilities. Resraurants & Cafes Waway's Restaurant Crab Omelet Ginataang Malunggay Kandingga (Bopis) Balay Cena Una House Chef Salad Cena Una Marinated
Boneless Chicken Creme Caramel Mango Crepe Wagyu Steak Ratatouille Foccacia Sandwich English Vanilla Cheesecake Pasta Cena Una Sibid-Sibod Food Park Valentino's Restobar and Grill 1st Colonial Grill Balay Suanoy Travel and Transport Legazpi is one of the most accessible cities in the Philippines with facilities for all modes of transportation: air, land and sea. Because of its strategic location and its complete transportation facilities, Legazpi is acknowledged as a gateway to the Bicol and Samar regions and Bicol’s transportation hub.
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