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This is the ancient Grecian idea that art (literature in our case) implies arguments about the way experiential life works. Every work we study will be analyzed as an organic whole that acts as a mirror to our lives.

Siggy Abuel

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Mimesis

In science, we run experiments to learn about PHYSICAL REALITY Petri Dish/Small Pocket Physical Reality Experiments Tell Us About the WORLD Mimesis The process of transferring experimental findings to the real world is similar to what we do in Literary Interpretation... But with some major differences... loosely translated from Greek, means IMITATION/RELFECTION... Book/Small Pocket of Human Experience Petri Dish/Small Pocket of Physical Reality Books are small pocket universes that ARGUE about what it means to be human... ...about Life as it is Lived. They hold up mirrors to our internal worlds... Petri Dishes are small pocket universes that DESCRIBE what happens in physical reality... ...about the place in which we live. Mimesis is the idea that art reflects life! ...and that life can reflect art. Art helps us find or create meaning. Science helps us understand where meaning can take place. We need both. High five for learning! Questions? Ask Abuel in class!
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