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Rob Costello

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Charity Change On Amazing Grace by Rob Ultimately, it is important for us to remember that children are very impressionable. Jonathon Kozol- on Amazing Grace My Kozol Experience Jonathon Kozol uses his Experience in Mott Haven, Bronx, New York, to delicate and how malleable the mind of a child can be. Kozol explores the idea of separate but equal, in an attempt to understand if opportunities are the same in the poor suburbs of Mott Haven, as schools in wealthier communities. He then explains that each child in Mott Haven has their own set of family problems that they deal with at home that often hinders their success as a student. The School System Kozol shows Mott Haven Public Schools as ranking in the lowest of the entirety of New York A boy named Anthony in my service Learning classroom is a ward of the state of Rhode Island. He has been shuffled around from foster home to foster home as a victim of domestic abuse. Throughout all his hardships and misbehavior, I feel that I owe it to him to make him smile and I look forward to seeing him demonstrate how smart he is every time I see him. Relation to Kahne and Westheimer In relation to Kahne and Westheimer, Kozol explores schools in an attempt to educate readers about the trials and tribulations occurring in a poverty stricken society. Kahne And Westheimer Advocate for change in society through service learning. Kozol uses this as an expiriment to determine how effective service learning is in low income areas as opposed to wealthier areas. Other Connections Temple Grandin, living with autism, explains the way children with autism think. She promotes adaptive learning strategies that highlight significant skill that are different in each child. This relates to both Kozol, where strategies may need to be tweaked for a learning disability, and Kahne and Westheimer, where learning adjustments is an example of change. VS. It is the job of the teacher to help shape an individual child. This in addition to a positive environment, makes a difference to how an individual is implanted into our society.
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