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see bleach prezi for description

Asuka Sakura Hitsuguya

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of zanpakuto

Zanpakuto Ryujin Jakka Ryujin Jakka is the strongest and oldest zanpakuto. Unlike the zanpakuto, he does not have a form. Instead, it shaped of flames. It is the zanpakuto of General Captain Yamamoto. Ryujin Jakka means "Flame Flowing Blade" When in a zanpakutou form, his realse is "reduce all living things to ashes" Gonryomaru Gonryomaru is the zanpakuto of the assistant captain of Squad 1. He uses lightening to attack. His name means "Solemn Sprit". To realses him, the assisstant says, Bite Suzumebachi Suzumebachi the zanpakuto of Soi Fon, the captain of squad 2. She is a poison type. She is also the smallest zanpakuto. Suzumebachi means "Hornet" and Soi Fon says "Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi!" to release her shikai* Gegetsuburi Gegetsuburi is the zanpaktou of Marechiyo Ōmaeda, assistant captain of Squad 2. He is a melee-type zanpakutou. He is also the fattest zanpakutou. Gegetsuburi means 5-headed form. to realease him the wielder says "Crush, Gegetsuburi" Wabisuke Wakisuke is the zanpkutou of Izuru Kira, the assistant captain of 3rd company. He his a kido type zanpakutou. He is very silent and so far, Ruriiro Kujaku is the only one who can understand what he means. Wabisuke name means "aplogize" or "aplogy". The weilder of this zanpakutou says: raise your head, Wakisuke!" Minazuki Shiaki means to realse their true powers like in this clip Notes Minazuki is the zanpakutou of Unohana, the captain of 4th company. Its name means "Purify the flesh". It is a kido type zanpakutou. Tobiume Tobiume is hinamori Momo, assisstant captain of Squad 5. Her name means "Flying Plum". To release her powers, Hinamori says: Snap, Tobiume". She is a fire type zanpakutou Senbonzakura Senbonzakura is the zanpakutou of Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain of Squad 6. His name means "A thousand Cherry Blossoms". To realse his powers, the weilder has to say, "Scatter, Senbonzakura" Zabimaru zabimaru is the zanpakutou of Renji Abari, assistant captian of Squad 6. The human form of them is a woman and a boy. Zabimaru means "Snake tail". To release their powers, the weilder says: "Howl, zabimaru" Tenken Tenken is the zanpakutou of the Sajin Kowamura, the captain of the 7th company. Tenken means "Heavenly Punishment". He is a melee type zanpakuto. Katen Kyokotsu Katen Kyokotsu is Shunsui, captain of Squad 8's zanpakutou. Katen Kyokotsu means Flower Heaven, Crazy Bone. Like Zabimaru, the human form of this zanpakutou has 2 humans: a adult woman and a small girl. They are a Kido type. Kazeshini kazeshini is the zanpakutou of Shuhei Hisagi, the assisstant captain of squad 9. His name means Wind death. He is a melee type zanpakutou. Hyourinmaru Hyourinmaru is the zanpakutou of Toshiro Hitsuguya, the captain of squad 10. His name means Ice Ring. Hyourinmaru is an ice type zanpakutou. To realease his shikai, the wielder says, sit upon the frozen heavens, Hyourinmaru. Haineko Haineko is the zanpakutou of Rangiku Matsumoto, the assisstant captain of aquad 10. Haineko means Ash Cat. To realse her shikai, Rangiku says Growl, Haineko. Hozukimaru Hozukimaru is the zanpakutou of Ikkaku Madarama, the 3rd seat of 11th company. He name means Demon Light. He is a melee type zanpakutou. To realss his shikai, the weilder says Extend Hozukimaru. Ruriìro Kujaku Ruiiro Kujaku is the zanpakutou of Yumichika Ayasegawa, the 5th seat of 11th company. His name means Azure peacock. He is a Kido type zanapkutou. He has 2 types of forms. When the weilder says Blossom, Fuji Kujaku, the zanpakutou turns into 5 blades. To realese his real shikai, the weilder says: Tear in Frenzy, Ruiiro Kujaku. Ashisogi Jizo Ashisgi Jizo is the zanpakutou of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the captain of squad 12. His name means Leg-cutting Jizo, He is a poison type zanpakutou. To realse his shikai, the weilder says Rip assure, Ashoigi Jizo. Sogyo no Kotowari Sogyo no Kotowari is the zanpakutou of the 13th captain, Ukitake.Their names mean "Law of the twin fish." The realse form is `"Wave become my sheild! Thunder become my blade!" Zangetsu Zangetsu is Ichigo Kurosaki`s the main character`s zanpakutou.
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