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Copy of UNL Sorority Recruitment Survival Guide

the stuff you wish they told you

lesli heath

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of UNL Sorority Recruitment Survival Guide

UNL Sorority Recruitment
Survival Guide the stuff you wish they told you Keep those grades up Pre-Recruitment Checklist Fill out application completely (don't leave anything blank) Keep your facebook clean Keep an open mind,
don't listen to steryotypes
or judge a house before you get there Stay classy, represent
yourself in a positive manner
everywhere, every day Formal recruitment is an organized week-long process where potential new members meet and get to know the women in the 15 different sororities on campus What's it all about? The Greek organization you choose to be apart
of will affect the rest of your life The outcome of the week is to find the house that is the right fit for you Many benefits come from recruitment week and becoming a part of the Greek system This is a great time to meet new people, make new friends, and get to know the UNL better Speak Greek Greek Alphabet UNL Chapters Α Λ Common Vocabulary Active - a current, initated member Bid - an invitation to join a sorority Chapter - a chartered group recognized by a sorority Legacy - a woman whose mother, sister, or grandmother is an alumni or active member of a sorority Potential New Member (PNM) - a woman who plans on/is going through sorority formal recruitment New Member - a woman who has accepted a bid to a sorority but has not yet been initiated Panhellenic Association (Panhel) - the governing body for the 15 NPC sororities at UNL Philanthropy - a charitable fund-raiser or service project sponsored by a sorority Reference - a written letter recommending a woman to a specific sorority Rush - a common term used for formal recruitment "Dirty Rushing" - the intent to influence a PNM by an active member (illegal contact, promising a bid, etc.) Open-Air - sleeping accommodations for sorority members who do not sleep in their personal rooms, but a large room of bunk beds Initiation - a formal ceremony through which new members become active members of a sorority. Rho-Gams
(Recruitment Guides) Rho-Gams are active sorority women hand-picked to help PNMs during recruitment Rho-Gams do not tell you what sorority they belong to, this reinforces their role as an unbiased mentor They are assigned to help a small group of girls, usually a dorm floor, get a feel for UNL and recruitment Rho-Gams are here to help with conversation topics, and answer any questions the girls may have A Rho-Gam is someone you can talk to when facing a hard decision, when something goes wrong, and when you need any kind of advice throughout the week Any and every Rho-Gam
is available to help you How does it all work? New members get to know the different chapters by visiting the chapters for a period of time (parties) The recruitment process is a mutual one, you get to rank what houses you like above others and the chapters extend invitations for return to the PNM's they think will fit well in their house You will rank your houses that you visit each day via computer, and the next day your Rho Gam will have a schedule for you based on the mutual selection There is a chance you may not attend all the parties alloted for the day and you may have break periods You may not get invited back to a house you really liked, but stick it out because you may actually be a great fit for another one Lets Get Started Monday Move into the dorms, get settled in, meet girls on your floor, meet your Rho Gam Orientation & Open House Round One These days are here for you to get to see each house The sororities will talk briefly about their house GPA, symbols, colors, history, etc. The conversation on this day is very casual 10 minute parties Wear your sorority recruitment T-shirt, shorts, and comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot Tuesday Open House Round Two Same thing as Monday recruitment wise minus moving in and orientation You wear the same T-shirt as you did on Monday, with shorts and comfortable shoes By the end of today, you will have been to all 15 of the sororities on campus You will later put each house in an order of preference The active members of each sorority will be wearing their chapter's T-shirts provided by pan-hel as well on these days Wednesday Invitational Round One 10 parties, 30 minutes each Casual conversation Be prepared to talk about your major, hometown, what you do for fun, and what you did over the summer (this can be repetitive, especially today) Most casual of dress for the invitational rounds, your options are endless Skirts, sundresses, rompers, nice shorts, and flats or sandals are the most common attire for this day Today would be a good day to ask general questions about each house Thursday Invitational Round Two 6 parties, 50 minutes each House tour day Friday Preffing your house Saturday Bid Day Preference Day General Tips and Guidlines Map of Sororities That's it, you're ready to go You will survive recruitment week, it's not as scary as it seems... ...and when it's all over, you will be able to say it was worth it. by Lauren Taylor 1 Alpha Chi Omega
2 Phi Mu
3 Kappa Kappa Gamma
4 Chi Omega
5 Pi Beta Phi
6 Kappa Delta
7 Delta Gamma
8 Alpha Xi Delta 9 Delta Delta Delta
10 Gamma Phi Beta
11 Kappa Alpha Theta
12 Alpha Omicron Pi 13 Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Pi and Theta Phi Alpha (no house)
good time to ask questions reguarding the house
start thinking about which houses you can see yourself feeling at home in wear a nice sundress paired with comfortable wedges or flats you will likely get to hear about the different socials and philanthropies of each house the kitchen , rooms, sleeping arrangments, point systems, and living in a sorority in general 3 parties, 60 minutes each you will first watch a video that each chapter has put together to give you an idea of what life is like in the chapter this is the most important day of recruitment each chapter will have you participate in a traditional ceremony this ceremony can make girls feel emotional or uncomfortable, but it is something special each sorority does and is not meant to freak anyone out the conversation topics are more personal and include values and sisterhood wear a nice dress and comfortable heels the day you've all been waiting for! go to the union to recieve your bid card you meet up with your new pledge class, president, and recruitment chair; put on your shirt and run to your new house! you may feel awkward or out of place on this day because you know no one, stick with it, it gets better wear a tank top or someting you can put a shirt over, shorts, and comfortable flat shoes today you will spend doing fun activities with your new house (going to a lake, carnival, etc.) eat before the parties,
you will get hungry! use the restroom before the parties, but don't be afraid to ask to use the chapters'! don't skip parties, play fair! no booze, no boys take advantage of water, you will be talking a lot! take notes after each party, expecially in the begining, the houses blend together! keep an open mind don't pay attention to stereotypes don't assume you're
in at any sorority be yourself! ask yourself what you want in a house choose where you feel most comfortable and where you clicked the most with the girls "suiciding" or only preffing one house, will lower your chances of getting that house because it is not considered playing fair ask yourself which house you could see as your home away from home, family away from family relax, the hard part is over!
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