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Life & Times of Shakespeare

No description

Paula Tracy

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Life & Times of Shakespeare

Life & Times of Shakespeare

•In Shakespeare’s plays
the language was
so complex, and people
paid to hear it
They did not want to hear street language ("Wherefore art thou?" instead of "Why are you?")
-William Shakespeare started as an apprentice from age 6-7 & worked in the theater

-Did not go to school
People waited in line for hours
before every play eating and drinking
•Elizabethan times—not everyone could
read so you had to be a good listener
Singing, dancing, & acrobats
before the play
•If audience did not like the play they
would throw food at the actors
No refrigeration—had to
cover the taste of
spoiled foods, which led
to the exploration of the
world to get spices
Thought bathing would
make you sick,
so the French
invented perfume
Wore wigs—
had to shave their hair
because of head lice
The Plague
(Black Plague)
was caused by fleas
-Glands under arms & on legs had
red rosy rings that turned black
-Carried flowers (posies) to cover
-Your body rots and becomes
an ashen color
-You drop dead in the streets
-Bodies were collected & burned
-Do you recognize a song?
Chamber pot (potty) was on
a stool back in a closet
When it was full they disposed of it
out the window (“Heads up!”)
It would be scraped off the street
into the river at night
London Bridge
along Thames River
cooked with coal & fire
The London Bridge would
catch fire
And then the river
would burn
because of the
filth in it
Did not name their children
for 1-2 years because of the
high infant mortality

Lifespan was only
about 40 years
Terrible place & time to live,
and yet a flower blooms….
This is a metaphor
for the poems and plays
of Shakespeare!
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