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Kim By: Rudyard Kipling

No description

Tina Lin

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Kim By: Rudyard Kipling

Kim By: Rudyard Kipling
A lITTLE backgroud OF THE BOOK
This novel takes place in India where many people are in poverty. Including one of them to be Kim himself. He was an orphaned child born to Irish parents that have both died. Also since Kim is white man the book does include some contradictions.
Summary Of the story
why to read this book?
1. This book is truly a book that shows how someone living in the deepest parts of there life can be rescued back to happiness.
2. It shows how a stanger might be your bestfriend forever and ever.
3. It gives you a perspective of how people in poverty used to live back in the days of the O'Hara times.
4. The book gives a really nice example of how you can stuggle for your identity, like where you are from and who you are. Its a decison everybody makes in life.
Kim In india
While born to two Irish parents Kim has pale skin. As living in India all of the others have darker skin. Kim, who is an adventure boy wants to find you where he really belongs and who he really is because he really isn't Indian nor is be British. Although he is pale, most of his adventures make him darker because being outside in the sun. Kim is a really intresting boy who has lots of thoughts for his young age.
Little fun facts
As Kim O'Hara, an orphaned kid, lives in poverty he makes his way up into living the best by the help of people in India. Stranded by the two countries he has a hard time to choose his identity of Indian or British, because he is neither. During the first big adventure with the Lama, Kim really gets to know him well. As time goes on, Kim eventually goes to school. While the schooling is funded by the lama. After three years of schooling, Kim was appointed a government offical job. Now to Kim the Lama is his biggest hero for all of his successes that he has accomplished. At last Kim goes under cover to save the Lama because of conficts that occured between the Russians and the Lama. This story really shows how friendship/ heroism can really play a big part in life.

Ruyard Kipling actually had a lot in common with the book itself.
He used his father as a inspiration at many times in the book
READ THE BOOK..... Its very intrersting!
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