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Country Presentation

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Georgia Hogue

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Country Presentation

Country Presentation
Georgia, Europe

Capital: Tbilisi
It is almost the same size as Louisianna
Georgia is in the middle East surrounded by
Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Black Sea


By: Georgia

Landmarks in Georgia, Europe

Gergeti Trinity Church is a symbol of Georgia’s
natural beauty.
In times of danger
back in the 18th century
During war they would
store treasure here to
keep it safe.
The walls are filled with
ancient carvings on the belltower

Gergeti Trinity Church: Tsminda Sameba

It is a symbol of Georgia’s
Capital Tblisi.
Built on top of a hill in 1958 it
Symbolizes the national
Character of Georgia.
She holds a bowl of wine to greet
those who come as friends and
a sword for those who come as

Kartlis Deda

-Food processing Factories- One of Georgia’s major
imports is processed food . Therefore there are many
factories there which many citizens hold jobs.

Types of Income:

Types of Income In Georgia

-Machine and Electronics are the main import in Georgia.
It has many Electronics, Mechanic tools, steel, and more are very dominant in Georgia. With all of these imports there are many factories and workshops where people can work. Many Georgians work in the Machine Industry.

Types of Income

Georgia, Europe
Major Religion
The Major Religion in Georgia is Orthodox Christianity
Natural Resources/Landmarks:

Their Natural Resources include iron;
timber, oil, coal, copper, and gold.
Their Landmarks include the Stone Mountain and the Caucasus mountains. (the mountains in the background are the Caucasus Mountains.)
More Examples Earlier in Prezi.
It is about the size of North Carolina
About the s
Main Exports:
Food, Machinery, timber, and Electronics ,
Official Language is Georgian
Georgia's Main sport played is Rugby:
It is alot like football but with less rules
It is played by Men and Woman and the point, like football, is to score the most before time runs out .
Its type of government is republic
-Victory Day- celebrates win
over the Germans and honors
all who died in WWII
-National Womans day
is where they celebrate woman's role in everyday life and in History.
Holidays cont....
More History.....
Georgia was a key part in world war two
and played a key part in defeating the nazis. It used to be a constant battleground for rival countries wanting their land. It was a monarchy through most of its history, it was finally voted to become a republic in the 1900's.

Fun Facts:


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Georgia's government is a republic
-Georgian is one of the oldest languages known
-Deepest Cave in the world, the Voronya Cave in Georgia.
-one of the earliest orthodox christian countries.
-Oneof the Oldest Jewish communities.

Voronya Cave
Queen Tamara- Helped rule the throne at the age of twelve and later took her fathers position on throne. She is known as a strong orthodox christian and helped secure Christianity in Georgia. She led the war against Muslim Armies and won and she is remembered for that
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