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Ninja weapons

don' t look at me... i don't know what it is?!

Nick Cantrell

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Ninja weapons

Ninja Weapons A shuriken is a 4-12
point ninja star. What is a shuriken, how was it used,
how was it deadly, and why are they
considered better than a dart? It was
usualy thrown overhand.
It was deadly because it
was sharp and you could
put poison on it's tips. It
was better than than the
dart because it had more points to hit the enemy with. What is a katana, how was it used,
how was it deadly, and why was it
considered better than the average
sword? The Katana is a sword. It was used like any other sword, with quick strikes and blows. It was deadly beacause it was fast and light. The Katana was considered
better than the average sword
because it was better made, lighter,
and faster. all of the following information was found
at the following websites: Http://www.tboteck.com/throwingstars.html Http://economicexpert.com/a/man:catcher.html Http://www.shaolinsociety.co.uk/fire.php#naginata The mancatcher is a pole, and usually non-lethal, weapon. It was used to yank a man off his horse and put around his neck to pin him to the ground. It was only deadly if it's prisoner tried to escape,therefor stabbing himself in the neck to death. The mancatcher is better than a tangling net because the net could be cut, but the mancatcher could not be cut. What is a mancatcher, how was it used,how deadly was it, and why is it better than the tangling net? The END
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