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Super and Harkness's Developmental Niche

No description

Theo Fowles

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Super and Harkness's Developmental Niche

Super and Harkness's Developmental Niche
Defining Developmental Niche
At the center of the Developmental. Niche is a particular child of a certain age and sex, with certain temperamental and psychological dispositions. By virtue of these and other characteristics, this child, will inhabit a different cultural world than the worlds inhabited by other members of his family. The child's world will also change as the child grows and changes.
Schematic Representation of the Developmental Niche
Physical and Social Settings of Daily Life

-Size, Shape, Location of Living Space
Toys, Objects, Reading Materials
Family Structure
Presence or Absence of Parents
Role of Siblings.

Customs of Child Care and Child Rearing
Sleeping Patterns
Feeding and Eating Schedules
Play and Work Patterns
Formal vs. Informal Learning
Dependence vs. Independence Training
Psychology of the Care Taker
Parenting Styles
Value Systems
Parental Cultural Belief Systems
Developmental Expectations
These Components are dynamic and interact but not always in a coordinated system.
(External Influences, limited resources, or historical change)
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