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Andre Chung

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

“He was proud of the idea to use the coat”, “Catching himself with the feeling of pride, he frowned,” - Page 49.

Since Tsotsi has never had a father he was confused of the feeling of pride for a child. And he would relate the feeling of pride with weakness and since Tsotsi has a reputation of being rough this feeling would not work well with him.

Pride = Weakness
Tsotsi accepting the responsibility for the baby
Chapter 4
No one was watching. No one was laughing. No one had pointed as he passed and shouted, ‘Here’s the man who bought the baby’s milk!’ page 47.

Tsotsi does not want to be seen buying the milk because people will think less of him.

Chapter 4
Chapter 8
"Tsotsi had dealt too long in death not to feel its imminent presence in the shoebox. The baby needed a lot, and he needed it quickly." - page 126
Chapter 4
Chapter 4
"It was still alive and seemed to be sleeping" Page 49

With the reference to "it" Tsotsi still believes that this thing will be his weakness. And he is still unsure of his feelings towards "it".
“Buying baby milk! It didn’t sound right.” (page 47)
Tsotsi can feel the baby is about to die and realizes he needs help as quickly as possible and a lot of help. He's been so accustomed with death that he saw the signs associated with it happening in the baby. This is direct as you don't have to dig deep to realize that it means that Tsotsi has been dealing with death for a while and he links with the baby's symptoms.

Tsotsi has never had to do anything with a baby before and is confused. This is indirect characterization because Tsotsi feels embarrassed because since he has such a tough and gangster appearance, anything he has to do with a baby
Chapter 6
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