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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson- Plot Diagram

No description

Maricar Palado

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson- Plot Diagram


Conflict #1
Conflict #2
Conflict #3
Falling Action

Laurie Halse

Syracuse, New York
Merryweather High School
Melinda's secret closet (janitor's closet in school)
Melinda's Home
Mr. Freeman's art class
House Party

Melinda Sordino:

Narrator/ main character on the book. 14 year old, 9th grader in Merryweather High School. Known as the Outcast of the school and is holding a BIG secret from everyone that happened during the House party that changed her life.
Andy Evans:

Villian/ antagonist in the book. Described as "monster" and "grim in the book. Flat character in the novel and is a senior. Melinda is afraid of him and is basically the caused of Melinda's nightmares and depression, and is a main big part of Melinda's secret.
Other (Main) Characters:
Rachel Bruins:
Melinda's "ex-best friend". They were really close friends but, her and everybody turned against Melinda due to an incident that happened at the House Party. She is the main person Melinda wants to tell about the secret the most.
Melinda Sordino
Andy Evans
Rachel Bruins
David Perkins
Heather from Ohio
Mr. Freeman
Mr. Neck
Melinda's Parents
For more info of other characters: http://speakperiod2.wikispaces.com/Character+Analysis
Melinda trying to face her fear.
-Trying to the "monster" or "grim" she talks about in the book
-Truing to find out what really happened at the party.

Melinda needs to speak up.
-Melinda always keep quiet and hide everything inside.
-Wants to tell someone about the real truth.

Melinda needs to not let the rape and Andy ruin her life.
-Caused her to be depressed in the book.
-Afraid of Andy and is her nightmare. ("monster" and "grim")
Melinda spoke up and told Rachel Bruins (her ex- bestfriend") about what really happened at the House party and with the rape from Andy Evans (Rachel's boyfriend)
Melinda felt relieved that she told someone. Faced Andy Evans. Made the tree for Mr. Freeman. (Tree symbolizes her struggles that happened in her life from the rape.)
Everyone found out the truth about Melinda and found out what Andy Evans did with the rape. Melinda overcame everything and finally able to speak.
Tree: Main symbol of the book. Symbolizes the struggle Melinda has and since she is drawing a tree in her art class for Mr. Freeman. Represents how she is not perfect.
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