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IAF SportAccord

No description

August Dragt

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of IAF SportAccord

Combat Games IF's:
IAF Demonstrations Cultural Program RUMA Russian Aikikai For unclear reasons the IAF has chose to give the training seminar the name 'cultural program' or 'cultural event'. This refers to nothing but the IAF training seminars, outside of the Combat Games events. HOMBU a multi-sport event organized by SportAccord together with the martial arts and combat sports (the IF's - International Federations) that are member of SportAccord in cooperation with a Host City. The event exists of two elements: the competitions organized by each sport, and a cultural program. In the case of Aikido, there is no competition and Aikido will present a demonstration program.
The cultural program is meant to present the cultural aspects of martial arts to the general public. It's organized by SportAccord. Host City:
St Petersburg The IAF is just one of the IF's involved. SportAccord and the IAF are in a contract to present the 80 best athletes to demonstrate Aikido during a program that will last 3 half days. St Petersburg is the host city. They have a contract with SportAccord to organize the World Combat Games in 2013. In Russia the organization of the Combat Games has been placed in the hands of RUMA, the Russian Martial Arts Federation. All martial arts and combat sports in Russia are in this umbrella organization that was founded in 2008(?). Mr Kirienko, a Russian politician and an active Aikidoka is the chairman of RUMA. IAF Demonstrations Training seminars For the IAF the Combat Games have two unrelated aspects:
The demonstrations are part of the contract with SportAccord and St Petersburg.
The training seminars are an event the IAF want's to organize together with the Combat Games to allow local practitioners and athletes to benefit from the opportunity to train together. IAF Training seminars RUMA Russian Aikido Federations The Russian Aikido Federations are member of RUMA. They are part of the team RUMA has appointed to organize the Combat Games, specifically for Aikido. However, in this capacity they are just a member of the RUMA organizing committee. RUMA RUMA is responsible for organizing all aspects of the Combat Games. We must be aware that this is a special condition that will not exist again in future Combat Games. RUMA has requested Hombu to support the organization of the Combat Games by organizing a training seminar with Doshu, Waka Sensei or a Senior Shihan such as Tada Sensei.
We must remain aware that this request comes from RUMA's management level.
Hombu has so far declined to respond positively to this request. RUMA has taken a program concept that they used in Beijing - the Russian House - and taken it to 'the next level'. They want to organize a cultural house, where the different nationalities participating can contribute to the cultural program of SportAccord and RUMA. This event is under the control of RUMA, not SportAccord, the IAF or the Russian Aikikai. Aikido demonstrations Training seminar Cultural house Organizing the training seminars is in some sense confusing, because they are outside of the Combat Games.
Therefore the IAF is organizing these events with the Russian Aikido Federations directly.
However, since they are all inside RUMA and their leading managers are also within RUMA, it can get unclear how things are structured.
We must remember that the IAF is organizing this by itself with members of RUMA, not with RUMA itself. Other issues Ambassadors Ambassadors are a particular concept, introduced by SportAccord. Their purpose and role is negotiated between SportAccord and the host city. In this years event, the host city equals RUMA, but in future events, this will not be the case. The IAF places great value on the support of Hombu and the contribution of Hombu.
For SportAccord Hombu is not a particularly important body: it is not a contract partner, the IAF is.
For RUMA Hombu is an important party because all it's Aikido members have a strong relationship with Hombu.
This can lead to confustion, because there is are oblique relationships involved in an already confusing organizational structure.
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