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Hierarchy of Needs

No description

Nabeel Mansoor

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Hierarchy of Needs

Physiological HIERARCHY OF NEEDS Nabeel Mansoor Security Social Esteem Self-
Actualization Physiological Physiological includes the most basic
needs for survival. Brief History Born April 1, 1908 in Brooklyn NY Pushed towards academic success by his parents phD in psychology in 1934 from University of Wisconsin Worked with monkeys where he started noticing "needs" of the animals and how some needs are more important than others Breathing Needs Food Water Sleep Wants Shelter Security Security means peace at mind,
knowing you belongings are secure Needs Family Security System Health Wants Security Guard Weapons Social Social means the need to be accepted, loved by society Needs Family Acceptance
by Society Want Parties Sports Teams Esteem Esteem is the need for feeling that you are appreciated and respected Need Respect Being Appreciated Wants Being
Famous Being
Awarded Self-Actualization Means ones self motivation to do
the best they can do. Need Independence Creativity Motivation Want To be better
than everyone
else Be admired Junk Food Mansion
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