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All about me (Identity day)

No description

Arshdeep B

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of All about me (Identity day)

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, like people say "no one is ever perfect". Some people say weaknesses are bad, but, I think that weakness are good because if you know you have a weakness you will try to make it your strength or make it improve, so your weakness it going to be your strength, that means you will be good at it. I will tell you some of my strengths and weakness.

Things I like
Hi, my name is Arshdeep Bal. We have days to celebrate our moms, dads, and birthday, but, what about a day to celebrate ourselves? We realize how different people inspire us, how thankful people are, but, do we recognize ourselves, by knowing our strengths, weaknesses, what we like, how we inspire people, and etc? Identity day is a day to celebrate ourselves. Identity day is a day we recognize our likes, strengths,weaknesses, and inspirations. We are ALL DIFFERENT, we should not be trying to be someone else because we cant, the only person we can be is ourselves. On identify day I'm going to talk all about myself.
All about me
(Arshdeep) !

By: Arshdeep Bal
I like a lot of things. It is gong to take me forever to tell you everything. So, I'll tell you some things i like/love.
I love soccer.
I love swimming.
I love puppies.
I love the colour LIGHT blue.
I love school.
My favourite subject is ART, GYM, MUSIC, SCIENCE, AND FRENCH (however these are almost all the subject).
I love the movie Frozen.
My favourite song is Let It Go.
I like comics books.
I like to keep everything organized.
I love ridding my bike.
I love skipping.
I love playing games on my IPOD. AND ETC.
Strengths and Weaknesses


Speaking in front on everyone
Being loud

Did you ever wonder that, you get inspired by someone, but people get inspired by you. Do you know how people get inspired of you? or do you know which people you get inspired by . I know which people i got inspired by, but, i don't know how people can get inspired of me, so i will ask some of my friends and family members. I will tell you which people i got inspired, and how people get inspired by me.
What people i get encouraged
by and why?
I get inspired by....

My mom (for helping everyone)
My dad (for being nice)
My cousins (for drawing really good)
My teacher(for giving us helpful ideas)
My friends (for helping me)
How people get inspired of me?

My friends and family said that...

I inspire my brother by doing my homework on time (my brother doesn't do his homework)
I inspire other people by being organized.
My hobbies
Everyone does something when they are bored. They do something that they feel fun doing and they fell entertained doing it. The pacific meaning of hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Now i will tell you my hobbies.
I don't have a lot of hobbies. I only have some, but, i will still tell you my hobbies.
Some of my hobbies are...

Playing on my IPod
Reading a book
Watching TV

AND I think that's it...
I talked about myself. This was just a little about myself . May i know a little more about you? (your strengths, your weakness, your inspirations, and what you like, Thank you for your time.
Remember to be yourself!!!
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