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Inca Civilization Plot map

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Changhyuk Byun

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Inca Civilization Plot map

Inca Empire
Advanced Cities
: -Capital city of Inca

-Held the most sacred temple(Temple of the Sun)

-Central plaza at the center & public buildings around the center
Complex Institution
: helped support and unify the empire
ex) Inca rulers were regarded as son of the Sun
-Allyu social system
: allyu(extended family) would come together to work on projects that individual families could not do on their own.
Specialized workers
-Priest & Mamakunas
: Sun-worship services were led by Incan prisets
-assisted by young women known as mamakuna
-Messengers (Chasqui)
: -14,000 mile long network

-connected whole empire

-emperor could easily deploy troops on these roads
: Inca surgeons succesfully removed small part of patients' skulls to treat head injuries
Record Keeping
-no written record

-quipa: numerical system

-colors to categorize

Pachacuti claimed himself a king
-Cuzco was attacked and his father and oldest brother fled the city and being only one left.
He protected cities from attackers and proclaimed himself the new ruler. Under him, the Incas swept northward as far as Lake
Junin and to the south they conquered all of the Titicaca area.
City of Machu Picchu was built
-Inca Empire
Inca started to develop from the city of Cuzco.
Cuzco is located in north of mountain ranges of Andeas and to the east there were rainforest.
-Pachacuti built Machu Picchu for military fortresses or a site of retreat for Inca nobility or priest and priestesses to worship the sun.
Topa Inca (Pachacuti's son), conquered Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina, then to the north, as far as Quito, Ecuador. In 1476, Topa Inca conquered
Chimu (rival of Inca for total control of Andean area).
Topa Inca becomes the ruler of Inca
Huayna Capac's death
Huayna Capac died in 1527 probably because of smallpox. His appointed heir also died from smallpox several days after Huayna Capac died. This led Inca to chaos. However, in 1527, one of Huayna Cpapc's son Huascar became a emperor. Huascar's brother Atahualpa challenged Huascar and Inca Civil War started. Atahualpa was supported by a large part of army so he took the city if Cuzco (1532) and Huascar was captured and imprisoned.
& Inca Civil War (1532)
As Atahualpa moved south to Cuzco, he met Spanish forces led by Francisco Pizarro. Pizarro and his small group of army attacked and captured Atahualpa (November 1532). Pizarro held the emperor captive for about eight months, waiting for ransom of the emperor. Therefore, Atahualpa had offered to fill a room with gold and then silver. Pizarro received almost 11tons of treasure. While Atahualpa was in captivity, he secretly ordered to kill Huascar and Atahualpa was killed by Spaniards (July, 1533). Incas resisted the Spanish for many years but Inca Empire collapsed.
Huayna Capac became an emperor
Legacy of Inca
Huayna Capac continued to extend the territory to north and east. However, because of these conquests, he was absent for many important festivals and ceremonies. As a result, people of Cuzco began to feel out of touch with their emperor. Also, the empire was too big, it was very difficult to control and in the north, Tomebamba in Ecuador began to grow.
Spaniards spread disease (1532)
Spanish conquistadors arrived in Peru led by Francisco Pizarro. By the time they arrived, European disease has already spread (this is probably because of other Spaniards arrived before Pizarro). The population of Inca decreased and Pizarro waited for the right time to conquer Inca.
1. Stone works and cities
-Machu Picchu is well known city of Inca.
We can find many structures Incas built because Machu Picchu as 200 buildings.
2. Inca roads
-Inca Roads are also a legacy of Inca.
It was almost 14,000 miles long and it connected
most of the Inca cities to the capital, Cuzco.
In the golden age of Inca empire, as they were ruling most of the neighboring cities, they unified their language, Quecha, schools were set up and members of certain social groups had to identify themselves through the patterns they wore.
Inca built structures to show that they are dominating this city. The roads were built and it made emperor easier to deploy soldiers.

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Allyu- working with others that one family
can't finish by themselves.
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Religious services
-two men with golden clothe is the priests
and women behind those men are mamakunas
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Inca messenger delivering message
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Inca Road Map
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Inca citizen who got head injury and treated by removing small part of his/hers skull.
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Incas numerical system, Quipa
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Pachacuti became a king of Inca
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Most (second most) advanced city, Machu Picchu
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Inca ruled most of their neighboring cities..
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Unfortunate ruler of Inca, Huayna Capac
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Inca people suffering from smallpox
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Conflict between two brothers, Atahualpa and Huascar
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Spaniards led by Francisco Pizarro attacked and captured Atahualpa
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