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Movie Making

No description

Carole Lee Boutilier

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Movie Making

Formulate a Premise
Write a Script
All activities before filming starts
All activities during filming
Collect Materials
Types of Shots
Extreme Close-up
Medium Shot
Medium Wide Shot
Wide Shot
Extreme Wide Shot
Decide upon the main idea that will drive the plot.
Summazie the idea in one or two sentences.
From the premise develop the story. The script tells the story
and provides the actors lines and filming directions.
The visual representation of the main scenes in the script and
provides technical information. The storyboard is created by an
artist in conjunction with the director.
All materials needed for filming must be collected such as:
the camera, audio equipment, lighting, props, costumes.
Camera Movement
Camera Techniques
Director's Role
select cast, crew and location
direct rehearsals
oversee all aspects of filming
Post -production
work closely with editors
Three Point Lighting System
High Key Lighting/Low Key Lighting
Lighting Persons:
Key Grip/Grips

Movie Making
Audio Recording
Dialogue Track
in-camera mic
external mic

Music Track
recorded live
added during editing
Sound Effects
recorded live
added during editing
Post Production
Activities After Filming is Completed
Learning Theories
Film Editing
Editing Software
Windows Movie Maker
Audio Editing Software
Garage Band
Audio Editing
Exporting the Movie
File formats
File Sizes
Cross Platform Compatability
Editing Tips
Windows Movie Maker Tutorial
Premier Tutorial
iMovie Tutorial
Camera Movement
Types of Shots
Director's Tips
Lightinng Tips
Audio Recording Tips
Multiple Intelligence Theory
Gardner, 1980
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