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Positive and Negative Sides of Hitler's rule

No description

Tatum Stafford

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Positive and Negative Sides of Hitler's rule

Positive and Negative Sides of Hitler's rule
Who was Adolf Hitler?
20th April 1889 - 30th April 1945
Austrian born German politican
Leader and founder of Nazi party
So what was positive?
Suprisingly did many great things over his time in office
No smoking law
Invention of the Volkswagen
Invention of the highway
Anti-communist actions
Medical advances
Important to recognise Hitler was not always directly responsible for what happened to Germany whilst under his rule
And what was negative?
First thought is that it outweighs positive
Introduction of freedom-denying laws
Killing of innocent people
Losing of the war
Extermination of the Jews
Creation of the 'perfect race'
Exploitation of his own beliefs as the country's
Positive vs. Negative

Torch at Olympic opening ceremony
Animal abuse laws
No smoking laws
Death and Mortality
Killing of innocent people
Extermination of other races in order to create the master race for Germany

Hitler's Beliefs
Hitler exploited his own beliefs and passed them off as Germany's beliefs
Complicated person
Mental issues
Anti Communist, Jew, and gypsies
Not properly educated
Wartime Struggles
Responsible for Germany entering World War II
His fault that Germany lost it
Left Germany behind post WWII
Embarrassed by Germany's downfall
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