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7 Tips for Writing Exam Essays.

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Tom Gould

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of 7 Tips for Writing Exam Essays.

By Tom Gould. 7 Tips for Writing Exam Essays. 1. Answer the Question. 3. Essay Plan. 4. 3 steps of an Argument. This is a very important suggestion, many students when writing exam essays tend to side-track away from the question which can have a massive impact on your result. A simple way to stop this happening is to refer back to the question throughout the essay, this keeps you from side-tracking. 2. Good Introduction. When starting an essay you should keep the beginning short and concise, while making sure to summarize the main point you will discuss. A bad thing to do would be to write the introduction in too much detail and then repeating yourself in the main body of the text. It is better to write an introduction with short sentences so that it is clear. This is a very useful thing to do as it can help you gather your thoughts and make sure you do not forget main points of the essay. However, do not get into too much detail-writing key keywords and phrases is best. Spend 5-10% of your time writing a plan. Step No. 1. Basic statement and argument; tests your knowledge.
Step No. 2. Explain your statement in relation to the question. Just because it is obvious doesn't mean you don't have to include it.
Step No. 3. Look at the argument with critical distance. Discuss the basic premise. It is an opportunity to show you can think for yourself. This is the most difficult part but is needed for higher marks. 5. Conclusion You can weigh up different arguments and decide which is the strongest and most relevant. You should also try and add something new instead of repeating yourself. 6. How much to write? Lots of students write 1 side then stop. There is no write answer as to how much you should write but you should write however much you can in the allotted time 7. Did you answer the question ? The worst thing to do when writing an essay
is once you've finished, realizing you answered the wrong question.
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