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Social Networking

No description

Aaliyah Minor

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Social Networking

Social Networking
To collect the data of Social Network usage throughout our campus and analyze the results in order to determine which grade level uses Social Networking the most.

By: Aaliyah Minor, Maria Mata, Kyle Fulmore and Svetoslav Yanyov
Which class(Freshmen, Sophomore, ect.) spends the MOST time on Social Networking sites?
1) How many hours, on average, do you spend on social networking daily?
a) 1 hour c) 3 hours e) 5 hours g) I don't use social networking
b) 2 hours d) 4 hours f) 6 or more hours

2) Which Social Networking do you like MOST?
a) Instagram c) Facebook e) I don't use Social Networking
b) Twitter d) Tumblr

3) Do you think spending more time on Social Networking affects your academic
a) YES b) NO c) I don't use Social Networking
Our Method:
Cluster all English classes
Create stratified groups of Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Select sample of English classes
Use participant selection method to find all English classes for surveying
Go into selected English classes and survey students
Collect data from all surveys (Each grade level separately
Create charts to show the results of the data collected from surveys
Analyze data and conclude which class spends the most time on social networking
Hours spent on Social Networking
(Question 1)
By looking at the graph , it is clear that the Freshmen and Sophomores spend the most time on social networking having the highest number of people in the "6 hours or more" category. After gathering the results, it seems that, on average, a student spends around 3 hours on Social Networking daily.
Which Social Networking do you like most?
(Question 2)
After surveying each grade level , one can conclude that Instagram is the most frequently used Social Media site among all grade levels and the least used is Tumblr. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors had the largest portion of students whom enjoyed using Instagram with a majority count of 54%.
Do you think spending more time on Social Networking affects your academic performance?

(Question 3)
Based on the numbers and data, it seems that many students believe that Social Networking affects their academic performance. Out of all of the grade levels, Seniors view Social Networking as distracting and a key concept in balancing between school and socializing.
Our effort
was appreciated!

From the results of our data collection and analysis, it is clear that there is a difference in maturity levels among each class. Seniors seem to know just how much over usage of Social Media sites can leave a negative impact on grades and school work. This differs greatly from the underclassmen, whom, as concluded from our data increasingly use up less and less time on Social Media as they continue to work on their academic performance. The average amount of hours of all grade levels spent on Social Networking is 3 hours. The sophomores spend the most time on Social Networking with a 2.8 hours average daily. The juniors spend the least time on Social Networking with an average of 2.0 hours,
Survey Questions:

-clustered all English classes
-numbered each English class according to grade level
-Randomly select English classes using random number generator
we received the following classes
Our Method:
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