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Smiles to Go

No description

Kayla Ortiz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Smiles to Go

Smiles to Go By: Jerry Spinelli Prezi By: Kayla, Celine, Julia, and Evan Picture Citations http://moourl.com/wnoiv Summary 9th Grader Will Tuppence is the biggest crush on his friend, Mi-Su he's known for his whole life. He's always trying to find a way to get her attention. He is also friends with BT who has kissed Mi-Su. Although, BT is a careless person and acts like nothing happened. This means Will stills has a chance. What will Will do to win Mi-Su's heart? Characters Will - a total science geek with his first love
Mi-Su - A great singer and actress who is best friends with BT and Will.
BT - A careless boy who lives in a wreck of a house.
Tabby - Will's 5 yr old sister who loves to skateboard with BT.
What 's Up With the Sparkles? Ever since the proton death, Will has been seeing sparkles. The sparkles are probably more and more protons dying. What does PD mean? Will counts the days after the "proton death. PD stand for "proton death". Now time for a puppet show!
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