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My life

No description

Fauziah Hoque

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of My life

All about me BY: FAUZIAH Places I have been to What I like Singers/ Bands Movie / shows North America Asia and Australia Europe Kagoshima, Japan One Direction Hunger Games I was born on September 23 1999 in Kagoshima, Japan I am 13 years old. Paris, France Febuary 12 2004 London, England Febuary 16 2009 Malaysia Dubai , UEA ME! Singapore Sydney, Australia Ontario Saskatchewan Alberta Nova Scotia SPORTS Vollyeball Basketball Badminton I played in a Vollyeball Camp On July 2011 Birth The hospital I was born in was Kagoshima Hospital. At 6:05 pm My Family The Wanted I am in Grade 8. I go to Arthur A Leach Katy Perry Pitch Perfect Mean Girls Pretty Little Liars I have brown eyes and black hair and. Fauziah in Arabic means true and in Egypt it means win and successful. I used to know how to speak Japanese. Dad Mom Sister My sister name is Riana Hoque Brother My brother name is Ridwan Hoque ME!! My dad's name is MD Hoque My dad is a architect and engineer. Works at Manitoba Tarnsportation (MIT) Mom name is Nazeen Alam An zoologist She is born on Ocotbre 27 19992 in London, England She studies at Unversity of Toronto He is in Grade 2 in Bonnycastle. He is crazy and weird. Cher Lloyd
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