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Language Instructor!

No description

Tabby Smith

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Language Instructor!

What is it like to be a
language instructor? Why learn a foreign
language? *Learning a foreign language is quite
popular these days. What happens when you
want to turn that knowledge into a career? There are two main reasons
why a person might choose
to learn a foreign language... Academic or
educational purposes To explore a different culture, to communicate/make friends with people who speak another language Benefits of learning another language? There are many! *communication with those who speak
another language * learn about customs and traditions * help understand the structure of your native
language * improve your speaking/communication skills * highly increases potential job opportunities And most importantly... It's a lot of fun! :) Why might I want to teach the language someday? How did I become interested in
learning about Japan and it's culture/language? * in middle school--became interested in Japanese culture * sense then have tried to learn the language * now taking online class through school *fun to speak different language/be around the culture all day * quick learner--probably be able to easily teach other people * Japan is very interesting--share knowledge about it with others * learning foreign languages is important Training! - go to school for how long?
- what kinds of classes?
- study abroad!
- continuing education *this is what a high school in Japan looks like How long will you have to be in school? Depends on time needed for: * majors
* masters
* PhD Classes * Japanese courses
* culture
* foreign language teacher prep.
* teacher training Also: * consider double major in Japanese and education * get masters (schools prefer this) * need PhD to teach at college level In addition to formal classes: * need to fully understand Japanese * know about the topics you want to teach (language/culture/grammar/etc.) * learn teaching techniques for intended level * keep up with changes in education Studying abroad! * studying abroad is highly recommended * have to speak the language every day * experience the culture Continuing education: * teaching methods change,
new techniques * always something about a language to learn Job Shadow! Dickinson College November 30 2012 *Mayumi Ikeda *Chie Tokuyama *Alex Bates My day! :) * Ikeda-sensei (Upper- intermediate Japanese) * Tokuyama-sensei (Elementary-level Japanese) * Bates-sensei (Professor of Japanese language and literature) --- observed two classes What does a college classroom look like? like this! * classrooms were small * 8-10 students in each class A few skills needed to teach a language: * patience
* back-up teaching methods
* prepared for long days and sudden changes in your schedule Opinions on my job shadow... * very interesting * still considering teaching * college is VERY different from high school * language classes are exciting! Any related careers? Of course! -- Teaching in places other than schools: * summer camps * a different country -- Also: * translating for someone or for businesses Cons of teaching/teaching a language: * in a classroom all day + long hours * talking all day * need to be in class all of the time * students may not understand * may be things you still don't know Pros of teaching/ teaching a language: * helping someone every day * always something new to learn * surrounded by something you enjoy all day * learn about Japanese culture * travel to Japan with students OWARI ! *student/assistant
teaching Why Geisha? * shadowed two classes * spoke + asked each professor lots of questions about teaching/learning Japanese * had to speak some Japanese What is the typical day of a language teacher like? *classes at Dickinson were small ( 8-10 people) and short (about 1 hr to 1 hr. + 30 min.) * some kind of review activity * tests/quizzes * learning/note taking * more review/practice What are some of the things students will learn? * basic hirigana (writing system) * greetings (intro. to convos) * dates and times * verbs *vocab * culture
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