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Anime <3

Just a few of the anime's I love to watch.

Ivy Green

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Anime <3

Just some of my favorites Anime <3 This is indeed one of the best anime's out there! Naruto!!! Naruto has a way of the ninja!

"BELIEVE IT!!!" Naruto is the number one hyper knuckle headed ninja in the Leaf Village and his only dream is to become the Hokage! Let's see! I think the next one would be... Naruto is my favorite anime out of them all but there are some other very wonderful anime's out there! More like "LOVE" but you get the point! lol :P ADVENTURE TIME!!! Adventure Time is about a human named Finn and and dog named Jake. These two are best friends and go on all sorts of crazy adventures together! NEXT WE HAVE... Rin <3 This is about a boy who finds out he is the son of Satan and has to prove to people he isn't a threat and isn't on Satan's side. Along the way he finds out he has incrediable powers and trys to use them for good! BLUE EXORCIST!!! AFTER THAT WE HAVE... FAIRYTAIL!!! This is about a boy named Natsu who has the power of fire which he acquired from a dragon. His dragon however disappears. He later becomes a member of a guild called FairyTail and goes on adventures with his cat Happy and many other friends! NATSU Next is... This is about a boy who becomes a soul reaper in order to protect his family and friends. He does have a dark side though that he constantly has to keep in check. Ichigo <3 Bleach! NEXT IS... D-GRAY MAN!! THIS IS ALLEN WALKER This is about a boy who has a anti-akuma weapon that he uses to fight demons with. Allen had a curse places upon him as a child that allows him to see akuma's that are in disguise. Allen is special and has a special power that he will use to try to defeat the Millennium Earl leader of the akuma. AND LET'S SEE...HERE IS ANOTHER FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!!! This is about two brothers who perform some forbidden alchemy causing one of the brothers to lose his whole body and the other two lose an arm and leg. Edward Elric the older brother is constantly searching for a way to get his brother Al's body back. NEXT IS... FRUITS BASKET!! This anime is about a girl named Toru. She meets two boys who when hugged by the opposite sex turn into animals of the Zodiac. And last but certainly not least is... NABARI NO OU!! This anime is about a boy with a special power who doesn't really care about anyone or anything. But suddenly he meets a certain someone and finds maybe he has something to care about. Well that was all of them!!! These are just a few and when I say I few I mean A FEW of my favorite anime's! I have watched so many that I can't even begin to remember them all but these are the ones that stuck out in my mind. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for taking the time to look at this! Means a lot! XD Have a great day!!! :) Oh PS... This is me!!! Okay...now I'm done. Bye!!
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