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Aline Pereira

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Macedonia

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli project MACEDONIA FLAG a stylized yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the Center to the edge of the field. It was created by Pr.Miroslav Grcev.Red and yellow have always been considered the main color’s representing Macedonia FACTS Population 2 million OVER VIEW Macedonia takes in the highlights of this fabulous, often overlooked destination. HISTORY Macedonia is a young state which became independent in 1991. The name "Macedonia" is in fact the oldest surviving name of a country in the continent of Europe.The history of the ancient Macedonian kingdom begins with Caranus, who was the first known king (808-778 BC).It was Archelaus (413-399 BC) who made Macedonia a significant economic power. He moved the Macedonian capital A and founded Macedonian Olympian Games in Dion (the holy city of the Macedonians), with other reasons also because of the fact that the Greek Olympic Games were forbidden to the barbarians, including the Macedonians as well. Its objectives were national freedom and the establishment of an autonomous Macedonian state with the slogan "Macedonia for the Macedonians". Delchev's famous words were "I understand the world as a field for cultural competition among the nations" and "Those who believe that answer of our national liberation lies in Bulgaria, Serbia or Greece might consider themselves a good Bulgarian, good Serb or a good Greek, but not a good Macedonian." The Macedonian language is related to Polish, Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian. The Republic of Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe One quarter of the population lives in the capital, Skopje Hundreds of thousands Macedonians have left the country over the last 150 years. There are large communities in Toronto, Ohio, Australia The army of the Republic of Macedonia has 9,000 soldiers, 5,000 less than the soldiers captured in 1014 by the Byzantines. The army also has two airplanes. HUMAN INTERACTION WITH
THE ENVIRONMENT HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION One thing is that the environment also affect the people in Macedonia is that it doesn't rain so much in the summer so the people get very warm there in the summer. An other thing is that it gets cold and then the people need to put on jackets. The humans are building cities in Macedonia and that takes up space so then the animals and plants don't have as much space any more.

They grow a lot of crops in Macedonia so that effects the soil there in both good and bad ways, it depends on how they grow there crops Macedonian 66.5%, Albanian 25.1%, Turkish 3.5%, Roma 1.9%, Serbian 1.2%, other 1.8%. LANGUAGES SECURITY CULTURE Religion
The major religions are Orthodox Christianity (66 percent) and Islam (30 percent), with small groups of Roman Catholics, Protestants, and atheists. Most Jews were deported and killed by the Nazis, but a few still live in Macedonia. students doesn't have parties at their houses, they usually go to a bar or discos to hangout or to just have a good time, this usually happens in the weekends. In Macedonia is very rude to clean after yourself when your at a guests house, they like to do everything for you. It might be seen as an offense way for them so don't do it! FOOD! the security is very tense in Macedonia. People really care about there own personal lives and are always aware of whats going on around them coffee is one of the most popular
drinks in Macedonia. PljeskavicaTypically two or more out of lamb, pork, beef or veal grilled with onions and served hot on plate with side dishes

Tulumba It is made from unleavened dough loom given a small ovoid shape with ridges along it using an 'icing' bag with a special nozzle. Traditional pljeskavica is made from mixture of ground meats.
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