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izzy and payton kangaroo rat

No description

Merideth Lezak

on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of izzy and payton kangaroo rat

all about my desert animal
Kangaroo rats reach 9 to 14 inches including the tail.They are usualy are a pale,cream,tan,off white color.

The Desert Animal's Adaptation
Ears help them and detect silent things. Their back legs help them jump 9ft.
They have a life span of 2-5 years. They have a pouch under their cheeks to hold their food.

Desert animals info
Diet: seeds,beans,veggies,and insects
Lives for: 2-5 years
protects its self by: using their ears to hear and little legs to jump
Desert survival: going a long time without water.
facts and information about my desert animal
One fact about my desert animal is it never sweats or pants!
Also it is related to the Spinifex hopping mouse.
Their hind feet are large with hairy soles that help them jump across soft and loose sand.
izzy and payton kangaroo rat

my desert animal's habitat
Desert niches and large grass lands . They can also live on flat grounds in the desert.
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Reading Street Book
Desert Museum
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